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Carl Swann

By Carl Swann

24 Nov 2015

Sell Efficiently on Ebay with Khaos


Ebay offers businesses the ability to grow and reach customers they would never have been able to attract without a significant marketing spend. With over 150 million active buyers, Ebay is a hugely valuable source of sales. However, having to learn two (or more) different systems, trying to maintain consistent stock levels, along with processing orders in two different places, can put many people off. That’s where Khaos Control’s Ebay Sales Order Processing software comes in with its integrated eBay Channel Listings Manager.

Understanding the potential risks when using eBay

Using standalone software to manage your eBay orders can prove to not only be very laborious, taking precious time and resource away from other areas of your business, but it also exposes your business to increased risk. As you are having to manage multiple failure points within your processes, rather than just one.

Accurate availability of inventory across all of your sales platforms is incredibly important. If one of your sales channels depletes stock levels for a certain product and that availability isn’t quickly passed through to your other channels, such as Ebay, there is the potential for over-selling and delays in order fulfilment. Both of which can lead to unhappy customers and lost sales. Ebay takes customer ratings very seriously and you risk losing your hard-earned seller status, which is especially damaging if you have earned ‘Top Seller’ status. Additionally, Ebay can also hold onto your money until customer issues are resolved. Having your processes operating as smoothly as possible is vital.

Customer data and delivery processes are just as important as inventory management and are again open to risks if these important aspects are handled by separate systems. You’ve managed to sell your products to an Ebay customer and now you’re faced with the challenge of being able to quickly and efficiently deliver those products to the correct delivery address and retain relevant customer and order information in case there is a requirement for future communication. Manually typing or even copying and pasting customer names and addresses into separate courier software and CRM software again takes up a lot of someone’s time and is at high risk of being effected by human error.

Processing all of your Orders from one Software package

With our Ebay order processing software, Channel Listings Manager, when a customer places an order one of Ebay’s websites it is automatically downloaded into Khaos Control. From there you process the order exactly as you would an order from your website, telesales team, or other sales channel.

Centralised inventory management ensures accurate stock levels across all sales channels. When products are booked in from purchase orders your Ebay stock availability is automatically updated. Likewise, when a product is sold via Ebay, or via an alternative sales channel, stock availability is updated automatically. This dramatically reduces the chance of over-selling, directly improving customer satisfaction and your reviews / feedback.

At the same time customer information is sent to Khaos Control. This allows you to quickly and accurately manage customer addresses and contact details, order history and also allows you to log communication with a customer – all from a single, centralised software package.

Picking and packing also becomes much quicker due to orders from all sales sources being consolidated into one pick, pack and despatch process, as we’ve highlighted above. Should you require, Khaos Control’s order processing software is powerful enough to allow you to filter for Ebay orders only and submit them to the standardised pick, pack and despatch process in order to prioritise their delivery. The flexibility of our Invoice Manager will save time and reduce the possibility of human error.

Khaos Control’s eBay order processing software will enable you to harness the power of Ebay’s marketplace without having to worry about the complexity involved with selling on multiple channels. For a free demo of Khaos Control and how we can help your business maximise your Ebay sales whilst growing your other channels, please contact us today.

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