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Carl Swann

By Carl Swann

02 Jul 2019

Shopify Plus enhance their offering in the ecommerce space

My job affords me the privilege of meeting hundreds of businesses and getting to really understand who they are, what they do and what makes them stand out against their competitors within their chosen industry. An important aspect of this discovery phase and ongoing consultative phase is often ecommerce strategies. The foundation of this is determining the most suitable platform for their business and there are many, many points to consider, and seemingly as many options with regards to ecommerce providers. Recently more often than not, the choice is between the same three options – Magento 2, Shopify Plus or a bespoke platform. Each of these choices have their strong points, weak points and individual vision to offer.

Two weeks ago Shopify unveiled a slew of new products and services to show that they are committed to continually moving forward in the ecommerce world. It seems to me like they are combating Amazon, but in a more ‘Salesforce’ manner instead of directly competing. By that I mean that they are attempting to make the business relationship more friendly.

Full details can be found at but below I have provided the summary information about each new addition, some of which are only available in the U.S at this time but are still valuable to know about.

Shopify Fulfilment Network

Shopify Fulfilment Network

Shopify Fulfilment Network, available now for early access, will provide U.S. merchants with a network of distributed fulfilment centres, and uses machine learning to ensure timely deliveries and lower shipping costs, putting their brand and customer experience front and centre. More info here.

Shopify Plus’ all-new platform for enterprise merchants

Shopify Plus

The all-new Shopify Plus provides a single view of a merchant’s entire business, tools that facilitate a consistent experience across stores, and an easier-than-ever way to create new stores, empowering enterprise merchants to move fast, build with the customer in mind, and unlock growth potential. More info here.

Debuting next-generation point of sale software to supercharge in-store experiences

shopify in-store experience

The new Shopify POS will be faster, more intuitive, and more scalable point of sale software, providing retailers with a simple interface, new customer service shortcuts, and access to all of Shopify’s POS app extensions. More info here.

Going Global: New ways for merchants to reach international shoppers

spotify global

Introducing 11 new language capabilities, now available in the Shopify Admin globally, including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hindi, Malay, Norwegian, Swedish, Korean and Thai.

Shopify’s Translations API will store translated buyer-facing content including products, collections, and blog posts, enabling merchants to provide the same consistent shopping experience in multiple languages.

With Shopify Payments, all merchants can now sell in multiple currencies and get paid in their local currency.

Bringing an all-new online store design experience

spotify online store experience

The new online store design experience makes it even easier for merchants to customize the look and feel of their store to meet the evolving expectations of shoppers, without editing the code.

Introducing the ability to display products in video and 3D models right within Shopify, unlocking new possibilities for merchants to deliver the in-store experience online by bringing products to life.

Partners can now integrate subscription payments solutions directly into Shopify’s checkout.

Go fast, be stable: Providing developers with the best tools to build powerful apps

spotify apps

Shopify’s most popular libraries will be available in GraphQL, allowing developers to leverage its speed and efficiency to build faster and more stable apps for merchants.

With the Shopify App CLI (command-line interface), developers can now wrap all their app building steps into one command, scaffolding an app within seconds.

Shopify App Bridge is a new, consolidated tool that enables developers to embed their apps directly into Shopify, including desktop, Shopify Mobile, and Shopify POS, creating a seamless user experience for merchants.

Introducing new shipping features to better manage order processing and improve customer experiences

spotify shipping features

New shipping features make it possible for merchants to set specific shipping rules and pricing for different products, and create automatic and more accurate visibility throughout the fulfilment process, including any activity happening in third-party apps and services.

For more information, please visit

Written by Carl Swann
Solutions Consultant

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