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Brendan Considine

By Brendan Considine

06 Oct 2016

Our Total Commerce Solution Can Revolutionise Your Business


I was recently asked in which direction I believe that the multichannel market was moving, particularly in reference to application solution provision and what dramatic changes could be expected in the multichannel order management arena, that will contribute significantly to the growth and profitability of companies in this sector.  My belief is that the next big thing is already here; Khaos Control Hybrid.  This is our total commerce solution that allows retailers to fully realise the power of their back office solution at point of sale.  Whether that be via eCommerce, marketplace, physical store or over the phone.

Growth Leads to Pressure

As solution providers we have focused for some time on facilitating robust integrations between Khaos Control. Marketplaces and web platforms, as more and more businesses focus their energies on growing their eCommerce channels and making their websites the main channel in their multichannel offering. We’ve seen, this last year, that expanding the capabilities of a business’ website has put more and more pressure on both the web and back-office solution providers as they attempt to keep both platforms mirrored, or in sync, in real-time. Retail customers are getting more demanding in their expectations around how much data needs to be passed back and forth between these two entities and determining which of these two is ‘authoritative’ can lead to a lengthy debate.

This can be particularly demanding in the B2B environment where accounting information needs to be shared – account balances, credit limits, points/rewards, loyalty schemes, promotions, club memberships, etc. Many account customers will, at some time in their past, have placed an order on the website only to call the company to check if their discount has been applied. Or the company will have implemented a process whereby every time an account customer places an order customer services operators call them back ‘just to check all the details’ including the points above…..this results in unnecessary additional time being added to the whole process.

Hybrid and How it Leads to our Total Commerce Solution

So the most dramatic change I am seeing in the marketplace is the ‘Hybrid’. Wikipedia refers to this as ‘the offspring resulting from cross-breeding’. In eCommerce terms, this means taking the back-office database that drives your business and the database driving the website and creating one single database that acts as both data driver and content manager; bringing the power of your back office to your website. Effectively providing a total commerce solution.

Most serious etailers are looking for the most seamless experience ever between back-office and web while bringing all of their key business processes together. Khaos Control have become front-runners in this marketplace and the results have been astounding. They been listening to their customers now for some time and now have the technology to completely eradicate the ‘double-entry’ so commonplace with managing two separate entities.

The time savings that come from only having to manage one set of product data are huge. When this is combined with being able to fully leverage your back office system’s stock levels, promotions, order management and other functionality into your eCommerce offerings, the offer is compelling.

A Compelling Conclusion

A back office ERP solution which includes OMS, WMS, ePoS, Channel Management and now Content Management is a very exciting development and proposition – Khaos Control: Hybrid is here for a long time to come and, as I see it, will set a new standard for future, successful multichannel projects.

Would you like to know more about how our total commerce solution can help your business grow? Contact us today and we will demonstrate how Khaos Control can revolutionise your business.

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