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Why Does It Matter?

As your business grows, so will your warehouse, potentially to multiple locations. This is where accurate, real-time stock control is not enough. You need fully integrated WMS that allows you to manage multiple locations per product, and segregate your warehouse into bulk and pick slots.

Our WMS will ensure that all your stock is managed efficiently, as well as rotated properly through automation that goes beyond stock control. The system can for example determine what items should be replenished and from which warehouse bay. The appropriate rules can be set up individually to fit your business needs.

With Khaos Control, the progression from stock control to WMS is easy, as Warehouse Management is already included in your software package. You can activate it as soon as you require it – just contact our Development team for more information!

What Are the Key Benefits to Your Business?

Time Savings

With our WMS, all major tasks and operations in your warehouse are automated to the highest degree. No need to look for your stock to pick it, your WMS will know exactly where it is and will find the ideal picking route. You want to pick some items individually and some in a batch? No problem for your WMS! All these functions, and more, increase efficiency in your warehouse and reduce the time it takes to store, pick, pack and despatch your items.

But time savings aren’t confined to the warehouse. As your WMS is fully integrated with your ERP, your employees in other departments will know what is happening with the stock. Imagine, for example, that a customer calls your sales department to order a certain item. The sales person will know in a second whether the item is on stock or not, and can therefore react to the customer’s request fast.

Warehouse Management Software

Cost Savings

Time is money, meaning time savings convert to cost savings instantly. Improved efficiency frees time for other tasks, which reduces your staff costs per task. Furthermore, you will simply need fewer staff to manage your warehouse.

Staff and process costs aren’t the only things to be reduced with an efficient WMS – the software ensures you pick and despatch the right goods to your customers. Meaning fewer returns, and returns are costly, as we all know – so even more money saved on that front!

Warehouse Management Software

Minimise Errors

Computers don’t make mistakes, but humans do. Managing your warehouse with a WMS reduces the necessary human intervention – and therefore reduces error frequency. This leads to fewer returns, as you will always send the right goods to your customers and won’t have to re-pick items.

Warehouse Management Software

Customer Satisfaction

Now take a look at all the benefits mentioned above and what they mean for your customer. It means they get their desired items faster, cheaper, and without mistakes or delays. Which customer wouldn’t be happy about that?

So, WMS is not only beneficial for your business internally, but your customers will benefit too! Happy customers are more likely to buy from you again – which increases your sales and ROI.

Warehouse Management Software

Use Hand Held Terminals in Your Warehouse

To make your WMS even better, the use of our Hand Held Terminal (HHT) solution is highly recommended.

It integrates seamlessly with your ERP software, is flexible and easy to use. It will make your processes and communication even faster, and more secure, as errors are lessened to an absolute minimum. The HHT solution streamlines and further controls your Goods In, Picking and Inventory Management processes and can be used across a wide range of hardware.

Warehouse Management Software

Bringing it all together

Get more from your business with WMS and HHTs from Khaos Control!

Warehouse Management Software


Perform warehouse tasks faster through automation.

Warehouse Management Software

Cost Savings

Save money through increased efficiency.

Warehouse Management Software

Fewer Errors

Decrease errors and returns through automation.

Warehouse Management Software

Happy Customers

Make your customers happy with faster, cheaper and more accurate deliveries.

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