Setting up your channels in Khaos Control Cloud is easier than ever before. Our explainer videos guide you step by step in connecting your sales channels to the system, so you can get straight to reaching new heights with Khaos Control Cloud. If you’re looking for more videos on the system, check out our support portal.

Product Barcodes for Channels

This explainer video takes you through setting up and configuring product barcodes. This ensures the orders you import from your various marketplaces and channels match with the appropriate products in Khaos Control Cloud.

Creating an Amazon Channel

Create and set up a new Amazon channel, from start to finish. This includes channel creation, setting credentials, defining the hierarchy for matching your products and setting up how orders are going to be handled when they are imported.

Creating a Shopify Channel

Learn how to create a Shopify channel in Khaos Control Cloud. The video guides you through setting up
a new Shopify channel from scratch, configuring the default values for the channel as well as setting up the accreditation process.

Creating an eBay Channel

Run through the process of creating an eBay Channel in Khaos Control Cloud.

Creating a BigCommerce Channel

This explainer video takes you step by step through creating a brand new BigCommerce channel within Khaos Control Cloud, linking the channel to your store with the API key and matching products and orders on import.

Managing your Channels

This explainer video takes you through some of the tools that Khaos Control Cloud provides for managing your channels as efficiently as possible.