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Khaos Control has been helping businesses of all sizes automate and streamline their core processes for over twenty years. From inventory management to ICAEW accredited accounting software, we provide a complete toolkit for retailers and wholesalers to revolutionise the way they run their business – however complex the operation.

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Integrated to the UK’s top marketplaces

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Solutions that fit the unique needs of your business

Fast growing multi-channel retailers have relied on our business management software solutions through the core milestones of their business journey. Whether that’s transitioning from a single stockroom to multiple locations and warehouses, or supporting an in-store business to embark on a full digital transformation.

Our three products allow SME’s and large organisations to scale their operations smoothly, get more orders out the door, minimise resources, and grow their bottom lines.

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The beating heart of your business operations

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Helping thousands of customers elevate and scale their operations

From popular lifestyle brands to third-generation businesses, Khaos Control is helping thousands of users across the UK reach their full business potential. Find out how our business management software is helping customers to increase efficiency, improve processes and accelerate growth.

The powerhouse features behind the system

For any business selling across multiple channels, the ability to easily synchronise stock levels across different selling platforms is a crucial part of a successful multichannel strategy. With Khaos Control, businesses can confidently bring together orders from their website, telesales, eCommerce platforms – such as Amazon and Shopify – as well as any orders from a physical store.

Our inventory management software means invoices are easily accessible from each stage of an order. Manage the sales orders being saved or imported, through the pick, pack and despatch process, to the invoice being issued to the customer – all within a single screen. Having a reliable system that can organise your orders, so that picking, packing, assignment to couriers and shipping, all occur seamlessly is the difference between getting tens and getting hundreds of orders processed each day.

Khaos Control is designed to be the central stock repository for any size business. Whether you’re making using of drop-shipping or operating across multiple locations, our system manages it all from one central source. As well as managing the activity of your warehouse operatives, Khaos Control will track the movements of every pallet, batch and order moving through your warehouse. That means the ability to see at a granular level, everything that is happening with your orders; From how much stock is in your inventory, what’s on back-order, and what potential problems are arising in the warehouse.

Our warehouse management software also supports HHT’s, barcoding scanning, as well as the ability to set up product variations for your core items – this is particularly helpful for manufacturers requiring an added level of flexibility with product variations.

With our fully integrated, ICAEW accredited accounting software, Khaos Control provides up-to-the-minute financial reporting across all areas of your business – perfect for B2B and B2C businesses trading in both environments simultaneously. The system will maintain your stock valuation, control overheads, manage budgets, report on debtors and credits, as well as handling tax and overseas sales. The system also provides multi-currency and multi-country support, ensuring your business can expand operations with a system that can easily handle currency conversion rates, country-specific VAT, as well as EC Sales reporting.

With Khaos Control hooked up to the data running through your business, you’re able to know the profitability around every item in your inventory, your most successful promotions, as well as the performance of staff and suppliers. These answers are provided by reports automatically generated using your sales and product data.

    Chris Barlow at Modish Living

    “Almost everyone in the business interacts with Khaos Control Cloud. It’s fundamental in what we do… and we’d be pretty lost without it”

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    Duncan Lindsey at Networks Centre

    “Khaos Control’s bespoke nature makes developing new parts of our business easier, especially as the market’s continual change has brought many transformations and alterations for us, and led to an almost complete reverse of our strategy.”

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    Jem Allport at Sophie Allport

    “We did a lot of research, and the one company that stood out for us was Khaos Control. We can manage all our orders coming in, our purchase orders going out, and it’s easy to report on the different parts of the business”

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