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A Business Management Software Solution That Simplifies Your Processes.

The full package comes under the title: Khaos Control ERP software. It has been designed to run your business, bringing control to your company so that it can grow whilst, at the same time, enabling you to make savings from efficiencies through automation.

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The big picture is that our single solution allows you to bring all of your processes and procedures together, giving you complete piece of mind, whether you are looking for just stock control, or for something more comprehensive that deals with; accounting, warehouse management, order processing, mail order as well as everything else, all in one business management software.

Whether you're selling direct to consumers (B2C), or to other businesses (B2B); if you are selling goods to your customers through a number of channels, then we have the solution for your business, whatever the challenges and problems you currently face. Contact our experienced team today so that you can learn how Khaos Control can meet your needs.

Developed and supported from our modern offices in the heart of the UK, Khaos Control is proven to be a scalable solution which will respond to your company's needs as you grow. Are you in need of stock control or business management software?

We offer a tailored, implementation into your business through our comprehensive and professional; training, project control, consultancy and development services. With a typical implementation taking less than 90 days from sign-up.

Once you are up and running, Khaos Control’s extensive online Wiki ensures that help is at hand 24/7 and our popular and helpful Support Team are only a phone call away when you need them.

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The flexibility and power of Khaos Control's inventory and business management software means that there are no limits with regards to users, product lines or sales orders and larger companies benefit massively from the fact that the solution can be configured and customised to their individual requirements.

Focused on helping SME Retailers to grow rapidly and sustainably, Khaos Control's entry level is a 3 user, networked implementation that can, in many cases, be installed onto your existing hardware.

As a flexible and functional solution, Khaos Control can be hosted, either in our own dedicated data centres, or with the hosting provider of your choice. This reduces your capital expenditure on hardware and IT infrastructure, maximises up-time and provides added flexibility for your business. We also offer a SaaS licencing model, which allows you to pay as you go.

Business Management Software that allows you to deliver on your promises. This is Khaos Control.

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"Advice on an unusual project was fast and personal, with links to similar projects. Delivery was very fast and items were well packed. Definitely a recommended retailer."



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"A good and reliable service - So far, three orders have been completed correctly and promptly. A good and reliable service."



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"Found the service to be very good, helpful, and to a senior citizen like myself with a limited income, a great help with the medication costs that my pet needs."

Leslie Smart


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"Amazing service. The team goes out of their way to help, including phone calls and e-mails to communicate any info required. Fabulously helpful and efficient. Beautiful, quality products. Nicely boxed and well presented. Super fast shipping to the USA! Thank you!"




"Service - I am really pleased with the service I received from start to finish. I was able to track online, so knew when to be at home. It was all quick and easy to do"




"First Class - Easy ordering. Quick delivery. Have used Cult Pens many times now and will continue to do so"

Dorothy Haslett


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"Service - Excellent service and quick to arrive, will use Russums again."

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