This explainer video, from my colleague Andy, provides an overview of how Packs and Builds work in Khaos Control Cloud, including how to set up and maintain new relationships, as well as how Pack and Build items impact your Sales and Fulfilment processes.

00:00 Introduction

00:27 Looking at an existing Pack
Packs (also known as Move Withs in Khaos Control Cloud), allow you to bundle items together. This will often be for the purpose of creating a promotion or offer for a group of associated products.

01:50 Looking at an existing Build
Builds allow you to create and maintain a bill of materials in Khaos Control Cloud. They are most generally used where you wish to control the production of a finished product that you manufacture / assemble in-house. Having the ability to stock control the individual components that go into a build, combined with the Stock Value and other process controls the functionality brings is invaluable. And all of that benefit for you comes with no impact to the customer, who only sees the final product online and on their emails and paperwork.

03:22 Creating a new, simple Pack
Running through the steps involved in creating a new Pack.

05:31 Adding Packs to Sales Orders
Demonstrating how a pack is handled on a Sales Order.

06:28 Adding Build Items to Sales Orders
Demonstrating how a build is handled on a Sales Order.

07:14 Packs and Builds on Pick Tickets
Running through the way in which our Pick / Pack / Despatch process handles Packs and Builds and how these help your team. Specifically with regards to how packs and builds are displayed on Pick Reports.

08:25 Conclusion

Do you want to take advantage of the flexibility and time savings that Khaos Control Cloud’s Packs and Builds functionality has to offer?

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