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Khaos Control is a comprehensive UK-based stock control software solution that provides businesses with the ability to manage and streamline complex operations. The system integrates your finances, sales order processing, warehouses, EPOS, stock control, marketing and more.

Is Khaos Control the product for your business?

Our system is most suited for large businesses typically turning over more than £2,000,000. The system excels in managing multiple sites with complex backorder and stock control requirements, but our sales team will always evaluate what product is most suitable for your specific needs.


All-in-one server based software

Financial control

With our fully integrated, ICAEW accredited, accounts package, Khaos Control provides up-to-the-minute financial reporting. Our intuitive accounts allows businesses to stay on top of revenue, profitability, and have site on all business expenses. Khaos Control provides multi-currency and multi-country support, which ensures businesses can expand their operations knowing that the system can easily handle currency conversion rates, country-specific VAT, as well as EC Sales reporting.

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Accurate stock holding

Living in an omni-channel world, retailers need to be able to market their product across all their channels at once. The key to doing this successfully is having a comprehensive stock control back office solution implemented. Our solution provides you with accurate, real-time stock control. Khaos Control updates stock levels across all your channels the minute an item is sold, meaning you can keep your promises to customers, increase trust across your chosen marketplaces and improve your business prestige within your niche.

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Multichannel integration

Seamless communication between your ERP software and your marketplaces allows you to explore new markets quickly, with minimal investment, whilst enabling you to grow your existing channels. Implementing Khaos Control means you can deliver a true omni-channel experience; providing your customers with consistent, immersive service, however they interact with you. Whether it’s on the phone, on your website, via Amazon, in one of your stores, at a show or via your catalogue, Khaos Control is a commitment to offering impeccable service to each and every customer.

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Real time reporting

Centralising your business management via an ERP solution allows you access to key data throughout the day and night, wherever you are. With a comprehensive range of tools, your business will have the ability to automatically distribute reports and online dashboards, as well as having constant access to the key metrics that will enable continual growth and development.

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Powerful ERP features
for businesses across the UK

Advanced stock control

Make use of Khaos Control’s advanced stock control, back-order management, batch control and more.

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Warehouse management

Automate tasks and equip your staff with the software to manage multiple sites, HHTs, and complex warehouse setups.

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Client management

Khaos Control is a perfect tool for fulfilment warehouses and 3PL providers looking to manage their clients orders.

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Workflows and automation

Automate your multichannel business with advanced workflows and triggers.

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Advanced accounting

Our ICAWEW accrediting accounting gives businesses full control of their finances, be that credit card processing.

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Customer development

Develop your customer base with triggered workflows, telesale rules, branded documentation and more.

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The companies excelling with Khaos Control

Jem Allport at Sophie Allport

“We did a lot of research, and the one company that stood out for us was Khaos Control. We can manage all our orders coming in, our purchase orders going out, and it’s easy to report on the different parts of the business.”

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Luke Barlow at Tufferman

“It’s not just the software that’s good, everyone at Khaos HQ is extremely helpful and great to deal with. If we need a quick custom report writing in SQL or a ‘how do we do this’ question answering, it’s always a quick and simple process.”

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Ben Boughton-White at Dorwest Herbs

“Getting Khaos Control Hybrid was a smooth sailing process. It was clear from the get-go that the implementation team followed a rigorous implementation process, detailing what was going to happen, each step away. This gave us complete confidence when investing in the system, and ensured the implementation went smoothly.”

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Payman Mostaan at Early Years Resources

“Khaos Control paid for itself within the first six months of us going live with the solution. We’re now into our 5th year with the package and are yet to tap into even a quarter of its full potential for our business.”

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Implementation success with our projects team

To ensure the most seamless experience for customers, we have a dedicated project team that looks after each Khaos Control account. So, whether your business is switching from another ERP software provider or starting entirely from scratch, our team will be there every step of the way.

“From when we first decided to use Khaos and right the way throughout the service has been first class. The projects team take the time to understand exactly what you need from the system and are always happy to help every step of the way.”

Mike Burton from 4PL

“Imagine having someone who has full knowledge of the system and is always on hand no matter what time of day to answer queries and questions.”

James from Workwear Express

“The transition from one software to another was very slick and we were supported by our Project Control Officer to ensure that the process was as seamless as possible.”

Keeley Walters from Sophie Allport

Khaos Control seamlessly integrates with:

Amazon Pay
Paypal Braintree
Big Commerce
Not On The High Street

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