why does it matter to you?

By not developing an omnichannel strategy, your communication channels won’t properly share information, leading to poor customer experience for customers contacting you on multiple channels. Being unable to identify the same customer or having them repeat themselves to solve a query, as well as losing valuable leads because data isn’t communicated across channels effectively, are just some of the reasons why an omnichannel strategy should matter to you.

omnichannel strategy

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Your promotions

An omnichannel strategy ensures promotions are consistent across your sales channels. Advertising different offers on different channels can confuse and frustrate your customers. If you run a promotional campaign that’s supposed to be available in-store, via your call centre, on your web sites and across your marketplaces, then you’ll want your systems to be capable of communicating this across your whole enterprise. Confusion can arise amongst staff if you do not have an omnichannel strategy as, without a strategy, deals are less likely to be communicated through to sales agents. This can result in staff being left in the dark when a customer rings up about a certain deal, causing friction between the customer and employee.

What are the key benefits to your business?

Implementing an omnichannel strategy will provide the following benefits:

  • Higher productivity of staff – because all the information they need for a customer is right in front of them, staff will have more time to focus on providing excellent customer service and will have higher productivity levels as a result.
  • Faster conversions – with customers delighted at every step and accessible customer service contacts all the way through the journey, they’ll be quicker to convert because of the increased trust in your brand.
  • Increased marketing potential – target your audience more effectively as you’ll be able to identify buying patterns on one channel and use that data to influence campaigns targeted at other channels. With every channel conversion recorded and a next step offered, you can pull key marketing intel out and use it to advertise more cost effectively with higher return.

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Develop your strategy with a CRM system

If you’re looking for a place to start with your omnichannel strategy, a key aspect is recording every time a customer completes an action with one of your channels. Whether that’s commenting on a blog post or ringing customer service to enquire about a product, every action is as important as the last. Using a CRM system will allow you to record each of these actions. So, when a customer contacts your customer service team, they can see straight away what other interactions the customer has had with your business, allowing for the consistent and tailored service that every business wants to deliver.

The results

Retain more customers

Increased business revenue

More satisfied customers