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What is it we do?

We put all your business processes, into one central system. That means your inventory, sales, couriers, accounts, different selling channels and more, are all accessible from the Khaos Control system. We do this for businesses of all sizes, with the help of three separate products:

The customers of Khaos Control

We’re incredibly lucky to have watched some of our customers grow alongside us for nearly two decades of business. Having a suite of products that caters for different sized operations means we’ve been able to watch those go from small beginnings, to big success.

Customer Quote

“Almost everyone in the business interacts with Khaos Control Cloud. It’s fundamental in what we do… and we’d be pretty lost without it.”

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Customer Quote

“We did a lot of research, and the one company that stood out for us was Khaos Control. We can manage all our orders coming in, our purchase orders going out, and it’s easy to report on the different parts of the business.”

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Customer Quote

“Khaos Control was seamless from the beginning. We saw a difference to our processes instantaneously.”

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