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Hybrid, our suite of business management software solutions which allows data to be collated within one database to provide real-time information across all platforms. Enable your sales teams to access real time inventory, sales order and CRM data on the road – from any device, anywhere. Khaos Control Hybrid establishes the foundation of your business, combining our award-winning ERP solution, Warehouse Management System, Cloud-based ERP, Marketplace and Channel integration, and powerful eCommerce solution – all driven by a single database.

Hybrid’s WEB SOLUTION brings your online storefront and back office together, meaning:

  • Retain complete control of design of pages, banners, themes, content and data from a single, easy to use platform, without the complication of 3rd party development companies.
  • Utilise the many customisation options of the WordPress platform. Including themes, plugins, multi- site etc.
  • Product, customer, promotion, price list and order data front end and back end both powered by a single database in real time synchronisation.

Hybrid’s web solution allows you to quickly and easily customise any part of your eCommerce platform. We remove the restrictions, allowing you to grow your business quicker and easier.  Updated listings are instant, allowing your customers full access to the latest products, prices and promotions. As data is provided in real-time from Khaos Control all of your information from other sales channels are accurate .

Khaos Control Hybrid

Hybrid’s CLOUD SOLUTION means growth at unprecedented heights

Our Hybrid solution allows you to break out of the constraints of VPNs, Remote Connection errors and security concerns. Access all your key business data, from any device, wherever you are. As an all-in-one mobile ERP solution, Khaos Control Cloud also allows you to:

  • Import and Key Sales Orders
  • Create and maintain customer data
  • Manage CRM interactions
  • Stay compliant with our in-built Accounting functionality

Deployed alongside Khaos Control, our browser-based solution provides your business with an edge over the competition:

Key members of staff out of the office? They need never be out of the business.

Colleagues working remotely? No need to worry about complex and tiresome VPNs, remote access protocols and other IT nightmares, everything they need can be accessed from a browser.

Out of Hours cover required? You can provide colleagues and / or third parties with access to the data they need in order to provide a consistently excellent level of service to your customers.

Sales people out on the road? Access to your CRM, Quotations, Orders, Product and Pricing data anywhere with an internet connection means that your valuable sales resource can close more deals and work more efficiently.

Khaos Control Hybrid

Khaos Control Hybrid

The Market’s Most Powerful Back Office Management System, Designed To Grow Your Business

Creating clarity from chaos for over 18 years, the perfect business management software for companies looking to expand, profit and grow.

With the addition of our hybrid system, you will never fail to capitalise on an opportunity. Features include;

Inventory management, CRM, Accounting, Return management, Promotions, Payment processing, Multi channel integrations, EPOS, Shipping management and more.

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