Recommended Reordering

With up to the minute stock levels across all your sites and a range of standard reordering values against every product, assessing what lines needs to be reordered, at what point and from which supplier is quick and efficient. You can also take historic sales into account in order to forecast your future reordering requirements based on previous customer demand, placing your purchase orders with confidence. The system will even take into account any discounts and reorder multiples stipulated by your supplier.

recommended reordering purchase order system khaos control cloud
automate supplier communication purchase order system khaos control

Automate your Supplier Communication

Removing the burden of physically sending purchase orders is key to unlocking efficiencies within your purchasing team, allowing them to focus on sourcing new products and managing your supply chain. Our purchase order system is able to automatically email new and amended purchase orders directly to suppliers. Create your own email template to accompany your Purchase Order and set up any specific email address so that the system will always send the Purchase Order to the correct department.

Drop Ship direct

Our software fully supports drop shipping, enabling your business to optimise its inventory (and therefore costs) whilst ensuring you’re able to offer as wide a range as possible. Gone are the days of manually sending drop ship orders over to your suppliers. With its ability to communicate with your suppliers via email, FTP, EDI or other form of direct communication, our software can automatically generate and forward drop ship Purchase Orders to your suppliers.

direct despatch khaos control purchase order system

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