Whether you’re selling on eBay, Amazon or any another eCommerce marketplace, Khaos Control ensures that sales, purchases, stock adjustments and all other inventory changes are updated as soon as you sell or book in an item. A full audit trail is maintained of all stock movements so issues can easily be investigated.

Real-time stock updates ensure your team know what’s available, what’s running low, and what’s not selling at all.

real time stock control with khaos control inventory management software
instant profit analysis with khaos control control inventory management software

Instant figures & profit Analysis

Our built-in accounting functionality and real-time stock value calculations enable you to instantly know how much you are making on a product, or range of products. This can even be extended to include margin analysis and warnings per sales order line so that your sales team understand the profitability of an order before they’ve even finished taking it.

With your inventory under control, you’ll not only become more cost-efficient in the way you handle your stock, but the way you manage your cash-flow and forecasting.

Multiple stock sites and Sales Channels

Control your inventory across multiple sites. Whether your stock holdings are held at a central warehouse or multiple distribution centres across different regions; you can manage your inventory at each site.

Make sure each of your channels reflect your stock availability ensuring that you don’t disappoint your customers and maintaining your seller rankings.

multiple stock sites and sales channels khaos control cloud inventory management software
dropship with ease khaos control inventory management software

Dropship with ease

Our inventory management software fully supports drop shipping, enabling your business to minimise its costs and ensuring that you can offer as wide a range of products as possible to your customer. Automatically generating and forwarding purchase orders to suppliers, accompanied by branded despatch documentation, ensures that you are able to efficiently manage fulfilment and that the customer receives their goods as promptly as possible. These days an inventory management system is not complete without the ability to factor in drop shipping as small and medium sized companies expand or indeed start out with that requirement.

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