Inventory Management in Khaos control

Accurate stock
Instant figures
Multiple sites
Dropship with ease
Accurate, real-time stock control & inventory management

Whether you’re selling on eBay, Amazon or any another eCommerce marketplace, our system ensures that sales, purchases, stock adjustments and all other inventory changes are updated as soon as you sell or book in an item. A full audit trail is maintained of all stock movements so issues can easily be investigated. Real-time stock updates ensure your team know what’s available, what’s running low, and what’s not selling at all.
Instant figures & profit analysis

Our built-in accounting functionality and real-time stock value calculations enable you to instantly know how much you're making on a product. This can also extend to include margin analysis and warnings per sales order line, so your sales team understand the profitability at a glance of the system. With the addition of our free reporting functionality, you can start to closely monitor the money coming in and out of your business.
Multiple stock sites and sales channels

Control your inventory across multiple sites. Whether your stock holdings are held at a central warehouse or multiple distribution centres across different regions; you can manage your inventory at each site. Make sure each of your channels reflect your stock availability, ensuring you don’t disappoint your customers, and you maintain your seller rankings.
Dropship with ease and expand your inventory

Our inventory management software fully supports drop shipping, enabling your business to minimise its costs and ensuring that you can offer as wide a range of products as possible to your customer. Automatically generating and forwarding purchase orders to suppliers, accompanied by branded despatch documentation, ensures that you can efficiently manage fulfilment and that the customer receives their goods as promptly as possible.

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“There are countless businesses struggling on with multiple, costly old systems and ‘workarounds’ who should take a look at what is on offer here.”

Direct Commerce Innovator Awards 2019

Inventory Management Software features

bills and bundles
Bundles and Bills of Material

Create product packs or bundles as separate stock items. Build different product combinations, and experiment with marketing promotions whilst you do it.

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barcode scanning
Barcode Scanning

Use our barcode scanner to easily carry out stock checks, deliveries, or picking and packing processes. Reduce human error and increase efficiency in your warehouse.

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returns management
Returns Management

Make fast returns and exchanges directly from sales orders or our CRM, confident that all inventory levels are being update behind the scenes of the system.

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back ordering

When there’s no more stock on your (virtual) shelves, you want to carry on selling despite stock levels. Our backorder reports allow you to view your stock requirements and easily create purchase orders to fulfil demand

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size color style
Size Colour Style

Khaos Control knows no boundaries for product variation. Our size colour style functionality means you can quickly and consistently create SKUs with multiple attributes.

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Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

What is the best inventory management system on the market?

Well. It doesn’t get much better than Khaos Control, but that’s not to say there aren’t a plethora of other fantastic inventory managements on the mar ket for the many needs of businesses. If you’re trying to find a management system that specialises in certain areas, it’s worth doing your research on review sites like Captera.

Can I use Xero alongside Khaos Control?

Of course. We’ll connect your Xero account to Khaos Control via a direct integration. This gives you access to Xero's plethora of tools as well as our comprehensive back office management tools. Manage your accounts with Xero, and control your inventory, stock, promotions and returns with Khaos Control.

Can I connect my eCommerce platforms to Khaos Control?

You can! Some of our most popular integrations include selling channels like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce (but to name a few). Depending on which product you require, you can find a full list of our integrations here.

Am I too small for an inventory management system?

No. Advances in technology mean there's a number of different inventory management tools specifically catered for SME's, for a reasonable cost. Even if you're not selling large quantities, it's still important to track and monitor your inventory flow. For a free demo of our lightweight inventory management solution, click here and book a demo.

Inventory Management Software integrations

Despatch Bay
Big Commerce
Royal Mail
Not On The High Street

Are you a small business looking to improve your inventory managment processes?

Making small changes to the way you handle your inventory can have a big impact on the way you run your business. Read the full guide here

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