Additional Features

As your business’ volumes and channels increase, you will require rock solid, robust, yet adaptable inventory management software

Stock Control

Khaos Control comes with a fully comprehensive stock control software, which, if you require, can be extended to include our Warehouse Management system. Stock levels are automatically updated with each sale taken and delivery booked into your warehouse in real time, ensuring that your inventory is completely accurate, your customers’ orders are fulfilled and your warehouse is controlled. If you are not certain you are on the right page check out our downloadable PDF that asks the simple question: What is Inventory Management?

Multi-Location Management

Taking your inventory management software to the next level is possible with the Warehouse Management System (WMS), which will allow you to step up to multi-location management per product. You will be able to segregate your warehouse into bulk and pick slots. The system will determine what you should replenish and which warehouse bay you should replenish from based on rules defined in the software, to ensure that stock is properly rotated and managed effectively, efficiently and with minimal manual intervention.

Hand Held Terminals

Our WMS can be integrated with our Hand Held Terminal (HHT) solution, which streamlines and further controls your Goods In, Picking and Inventory Management system. The software’s HHT solution can be deployed across a wide range of hardware, independent of Operating System, as its dependencies are solely a functioning browser and a compatible barcode scanning function. Our stock control software can automatically purchase stock based on your actual sales demand history, including seasonality and / or promotions, or it can simply highlight when products should be reordered, if you prefer.

Product Variations

Product variations of size, colour and / or style (SCS) and simple to set up and manage in Khaos Control and our Matrix ensures that your own users and your website are able to drill down into a product based on the variety of colours, sizes and other variations it comes in. If you build items from other items, for example; hampers, bean-bags, garden gates) then Bill of Materials can be generated via Builds.