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Accelerate your order processing with inventory management software

Whether you’re operating a small or large business, your inventory needs to be accurate, reliable, and controlled. Inventory management software combines your sales, stock levels, returns and surplus stock in to one central location. With a powerful system behind your business, you’re able to get more orders out, increase efficiencies, and grow profit margins.

Synchronized inventory across your business

For multichannel retailers, the ability to easily sync stock levels between multiple platforms is crucial. Our inventory system centralizes your orders in real-time, allowing you to manage your sales from one location. Real-time stock updates also mean your picking and packing team has a close eye on stock availability, and the tools to make informed purchasing decisions.

If you’re selling in-store, via a website or ecommerce marketplace, our stock control system ensures that sales, purchases, stock adjustments, and all other inventory changes are updated the moment a sale is made. As well as providing your business with an instant financial overview, you’re only ever working with live and accurate information for your customer service team.

    Instant figures and profit analysis

    With fully integrated, ICAEW accredited accounting functionality, our inventory management software provides live financial reporting for your business. With real-time stock value calculations on every item in your inventory, you can quickly see your best and worse selling items. This can also extend to include margin analysis and warning per sales order line, so your sales team understands the probability of items at a glance.

    Using integrated reports, monitoring your outgoings, expenses, and sales becomes a simple task. Quickly create sets of reports to display information on your orders, purchases, and promotions you’ve run of separate stock items. For everyday reporting, you can monitor which orders your picking and packing team have processed and what stages different orders are in.

      Manage multiple stock sites and warehouses

      Whether your stock is stored at a central warehouse or across multiple distribution centers, you can easily manage each site from Khaos Control. The power of our inventory system means each of your sites accurately reflects their stock availability at any time.

      Using handheld terminals and barcode scanning, your business can make quick work of booking in stock, batch picking, and stock checks. That also means all background data processing and the generation of the necessary paperwork is done for you – keeping inventory levels up to date and warehouses operating smoothly.

        Fully integrated to the UK’s top marketplaces

        Gianni Germanidis, SG Interiors Couture Ltd

        “I could not be happier with my decision to work with these guys. It’s made my business more organised, and made us more confident that we have all our inventory and order management under control. Absolute class act of a product and the team behind.”

        Features to expand your order capabilities

        build bundles and bills of material with our inventory features

        Bundles and bills of material

        Easily create product packs or bundles as separate stock items. Build different product combinations and experiment with marketing promotions whilst you do it.

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        make use of drop shipping with our inventory management features

        Drop ship with ease

        Sync your drop-shipping suppliers instantly enabling your business to minimise costs on storage and increase your offering of products.

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        make fast returns and exchanges in our inventory management system

        Speedy returns and exchanges

        Create fast returns and exchanges directly from sales orders or our CRM, confident that all inventory levels are being updated behind the scenes.

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        reorder stock and see availability with our inventory management software

        Stock availability and reordering

        When orders are flying, you want to carry on selling despite stock levels. Using back order reports, you’re able to view your stock requirements and quickly create purchase orders to fulfill demand.

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        quick scan in stock with our barcode scanner

        Speed up your stock checks with barcode scanning

        Make easy work of stock checks, deliveries, or picking and packing with our barcode scanning features. Reduce human error and increase efficiency in your warehouse.

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        define your products in great detail with our inventory management

        Define your products with detail

        A great inventory management system will know no boundaries when it comes to product variation. Our size colour style functionality means you can quickly and consistently create SKU’s with multiple attributes.

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        Different types of inventory management

        using excel spreadsheets for stock control and inventory management

        Manual methods/ spreadsheets

        Using spreadsheets to track your inventory isn’t just an inexpensive option, but a familiar option too. With most businesses comfortable using Excel, tracking product SKU’s such as barcode, location, and value can be a simple task for a small inventory. As well as formulas and calculations, Excel offers the option to split up your spreadsheets with different tabs.

        With hundreds of templates available to help businesses get started, working with spreadsheets is a good option for those with a small inventory. Nevertheless, that’s not to say workarounds such as Excel don’t have limitations.

        cloud-based inventory management on the go

        Cloud-based inventory management

        As the name suggests, cloud-based inventory management software manages your business from any device with internet access. This means staying on top of your inventory from the office, at home, out on the round, or in-store.

        Cloud or browser-based systems typically adopt a “pay as you go” approach. This removes the three major barriers companies face when introducing software to their operation; affordability, IT infrastructure, and low impact implementation.

        Find out more on our own cloud ERP software solution.

        server based inventory management system

        Server-based inventory management

        Server-based inventory management is built to handle significantly larger and complex operations. Unlike cloud-based systems where you’re reliant on your vendor to perform your backend services, server-based systems provide more visibility to what’s going on behind the scenes.

        This level of inventory infrastructure is suited for wholesalers or businesses with larger quantities of stock. It’s also suitable for those requiring multiple attributes in their inventory. Pharmaceutical companies, for example, would need to be vigilant with ingredients, expiry dates, and suppliers.

        warehouse inventory management software

        Warehouse inventory management

        Warehouse management is designed to optimize your supply chain and fulfillment processes. For retailers operating across multiple sites, a dedicated system allows you to manage multiple inventory lines from one source. This is also a perfect tool for fulfillment warehouses and 3PL providers looking to manage their client’s orders.

        Warehouse inventory management will equip teams with HHT’s, barcode scanning, and the ability to track pallets on an individual basis. Likewise, the system will automatically assign staff with their jobs, and provide insight into which orders are with different teams.

        See how our inventory management software operates

        Using an intuitive cloud-based platform, Khaos Control Cloud makes managing orders, returns, and your different selling channels simple. Watch how the system deals with different inventory scenarios.

          Chris Barlow at Modish Living

          “Khaos Control has automated – and brought accuracy to – large areas of our stock management and customer order processing. We operate across 2 warehouses as well as drop-shipping and with some customisation the platform has it all covered. The implementation required an investment in time at a point where our order numbers were rising steeply. But with Khaos Control we are able to deal with these increased order quantities more efficiently and we feel prepared to handle further growth.”

          Watch the system in action

          Frequently Asked Questions

          At its core, inventory management software is developed to integrate your business’s selling outlets whilst syncing orders, returns, customer information and accounts back to your back office.

          Using advanced technology and automation, inventory management allows retailers of all sizes to manage, organise and track their purchases, product sales and other core processes.

          Whether a business is operating online or in-store, making using of drop-shipping or operating across multiple locations, an inventory system should manage it all from one central source. That means the ability to see at a granular level, everything that is happening with your orders; From how much stock is in your inventory, what’s on back-order, and what’s being held up in the warehouse.

          With the right system in place, your business should also know the profitability around every item in your inventory, your most successful (and unsuccessful) promotions, as well as the performance of different suppliers. As well as equipping your team with the tools to work efficiently, you’re equipping your business with data to make important strategic decisions.

          It’s common for small businesses to assume that inventory management is an expensive investment – and will instead rely on other workarounds to track their inventory.

          Traditionally, inventory management services needed to be purchased outright hosted onsite, and run by a set of developers. The costs involved in the upfront payment and ongoing upkeep often meant smaller businesses could not afford to invest. Fortunately, the growth of inventory management solutions and ERP in general over the last century has fuelled the demand for more accessible products.

          Cloud-based inventory management software is perfect for SME’s (small to medium enterprises) looking for a more affordable, and easy to implement solution. Instead of a one-off purchase cost, cloud-based platforms often employ affordable monthly subscription based on users.

          For SME’s, it’s also worth remembering that implementing a cloud-based inventory management system won’t take nearly half the time that a larger-scale operation would. Within six weeks, businesses can have their entire operation running better than it ever did before. Find out more on our inventory management pricing here.

          From the moment an order arrives on-site to the moment it leaves, our system will ensure every item is tracked, allocated, and delivered to the right place at the right time – be that among your warehouse, or with your courier. This is particularly useful for those making utilising drop-shipping and will never be in physical contact with any stock. Our shipping management features offer customers access to branded slips and invoices, shipping labels, unique courier rules and more.

          Khaos Control is proud to offer integrations with many leading shipping couriers, but should you need an integration we don’t currently offer, our open API can align with your specific shipping requirements.

          Whether it’s finances, sales, customers or suppliers, small business owners already have a lot to stay on top of. The simple fact is, if you’re handling stock in your business, you should be making the most of free or start-up inventory management tools.

          Advances in inventory and stock control technology mean there’s a number of different tools catered specifically for smaller businesses, all for a reasonable cost. Even if you’re not selling in large quantities, it’s important to track and monitor your inventory flow. As your business grows, so do the levels and scale of your inventory demands. Implementing the right inventory management tool means your business can scale gracefully, without the hassle of data migrations or training staff on new systems.

          To make small changes to your current inventory management process (with or without a system in place) we suggest checking out our inventory management tips for small businesses.

          Whether you’re operating a single store, several retail outlets or multiple distribution centers, you can manage your inventory at site level, keeping stock levels for each site separate and distinct. Our inventory management software allows you to control each of your sites virtually, fulfilling orders and moving stock back and forth, all from one central location.

          Out of stock of a product at one of your sites? The immediate visibility of stock levels means you can quickly fulfill orders with stock held at your other sites. This offers a new level of flexibility when it comes to sales order fulfillment, and ensures your customers stay happy, even in a stock emergency.

          Just as a normal site would operate, you can use ‘virtual sites’ to separate stock for specific marketplaces, customer groups or trade shows.

          The nature of living in such a connected world means it’s easier than ever for SME’s to expand their operations globally. Likewise, most wholesalers rely solely on buying and selling stock overseas, making a suitable inventory management system a critical part of their operation.

          Khaos Control allows businesses to expand their inventory operations with ease, providing users with tried and tested international selling features. From automatically generated currency conversion rates to country-specific VAT and EC sales reporting, our international inventory features keep overseas operations streamlined and accessible.

          Additionally, the support of our partnership with Global-e makes easy work of connecting your business with foreign customers around the world.