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Business made simple with
sales order management software

Looking for the best order management software? With customer expectations so high, the internal speed at which an order is dealt with can make or break a business. Our sales order management system can give you a competitive edge by speeding up your traditional process. Whether the sales order is imported from online selling platforms, or created manually, you need to be able to act fast, and ensure it goes straight into processing and delivery, every time.

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Fast sales order processing

Whether it’s taking a sales order over the phone, at a show, or keying in a traditional mail-order, our order management solution allows your users to process orders quickly and efficiently. Users have immediate access to real-time stock levels – promotions and offers are applied automatically. Users also have access to key information like customer addresses and contact information, as well as CRM system data.

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Information at your fingertips

Being able to see key information such as a customer’s previous sales history, expected delivery dates for out-of-stock items, and potential up and cross-sell products, means you can maximise every sales opportunity. All of this and more are available without ever leaving the Sales Order screen. You can also check out and update your customer’s CRM record as part of the same seamless process. Using our Lost Demand feature also means you can keep track of lost sales opportunities due to stock being unavailable, allowing you to plan your procurement more effectively.

Proforma invoicing

Many trade companies require the ability to place orders on Proforma Terms. This is when an invoice is raised prior to the goods being picked, packed, and despatched, so the customer has an invoice they can make payment against prior to you processing the order.

Managing such a process manually can be time-consuming and error-prone, which is where our sales management software comes in. Once payment has been received, Proforma orders can be converted into fully paid sales orders and are available to be processed.

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A more integrated way of working

Our sales order management software introduces a smarter way of working. Not only does your sales order process feed into the rest of the system, but both of our solutions also have payment and courier integrations, so you’ll have the freedom to deliver all over the world, as well as the freedom to process payments through several providers.

Integrating your payment provider with your ERP system allows you to optimise your order-taking processes. Our order management software integrates with Opayo, Credit Call, Verifone, and a range of other payment providers, ensuring that your payments can be managed seamlessly from your back-office system.

Back order management and stock assignment

Optimising your stock holding and taking advantage of Just-In-Time supply chains can be key to ensuring that you offer the breadth and quality your customers demand. Our solutions enable the management of your back orders and prioritisation of your stock assignments. This means your customers get what they want quickly, and you see tremendous business growth from the efficiencies gained in your new sales order management software.

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