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30+ Marketplace & Courier Integrations, designed to help expand your business

Reach more customers, provided personalised services and allow efficient workflows by using Khaos Control Cloud with our powerful integrations & partnerships.

All-in-one solution, packed with powerful features

Running a business shouldn’t be complicated, use Khaos Control Cloud and simplify your processes.

All of our features have been designed to help you sell more, with the highest confidence.

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Listing Synchronisation

Automate your product update process, across all your selling channels and marketplaces.

Inventory Management

Create and edit your inventory like never before. Use advanced stock tools to save time and money.

Pick, Pack & Despatch

Reduce human-error by using verification to ensure orders are picked, packed, and despatched accurately.

Order Management

Explore all your multi-channel orders within a single place with up-to-date information.

Customer Management

Find the information you need most, whenever you need it and boost your customer service.

Real-time Insights

Keep track of your business performance easily and create KPI dashboards.

Automation & Smart Workflows

Use a tried and tested solution to ensure your operations run with ease.

Bulk Updates

Ditch the spreadsheets and use a solution that makes mass updating easy, with the least number of clicks.

Integrated Accounting

Revolutionise the way you take care of business finances either with our built-in features or connect to Xero or QuickBooks.

Returns Management

Offer returns to your customers with ease and process them within an instant of receipt.

Supplier Management

Prevent stockouts by managing your suppliers closely with real-time insights and easy reordering.

Promotion Management

Produce discount codes, customer specific price lists, special offers and more.

Why Khaos Control Cloud?

We have been using Khaos Control Cloud for the past 18 months, and have been really impressed with the system, they organise training and the support is excellent, they listen to what we have to say and always try to adapt their system to give us what we need to improve our business and hopefully others, it has made ordering and keeping track on what we have in stock and syncing with our website and Ebay particularly helpful, i would recommend KCC to anybody thinking of changing their system regardless of the size.

Dave Fynn @ Vauxcentre LTD

Intuitive and easy to use. All users have taken to the platform well and are confident on it. KCC has automated – and brought accuracy to – large areas of our stock management and customer order processing. We operate across 2 warehouses as well as drop-shipping and with some customisation the platform has it all covered. The implementation required an investment in time at a point where our order numbers were rising steeply. But with KCC we are able to deal with these increased order quantities more efficiently and we feel prepared to handle further growth.

Chris Barlow @ Modish Living

Easy to use, fully functional on PC, Tablet & Phone! Full stock control: Bill of Materials (BOMs), kits, back ordering, suggested stock levels. Promotions: multiple customer price lists, special offers, Key Codes for tracking offers. Order Input: quick manual, import orders, returns, quotes. Full Schematic Overview of all orders/invoices in the system – means you are never running blind and provides a birds-eye view of the business. Accounts – fully functional, VAT, Banking, P&L, Nominals etc even has Zero integration if your accountant insists! Professional Documentation: Delivery Notes, Invoices etc all emailed. Essentially a web based ERP system without massive capital outlay but with reasonable monthly user fees.

Phil @ Philip Harris Biological Limited

A business management hub like no other

Khaos Control Cloud is designed to be the beating-heart of your business, managing all your operations in one, easy to use, place. All you need is a web browser and access to the internet!

Our solution streamlines everything you need to run a successful business, such as: order processing, inventory management, eCommerce store synchronisation, courier assignment, financial reporting, customer accounts, promotions and so much more.

Take advantage of automating manual processes that hold you back; save time, reduce your business running costs and prevent the chance of human error.

Best of all, we don’t charge you extra for the number of orders you process or the number products you manage!

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