A screenshot of the Tufferman website with the physical warehouse to the right

Supporting the UK’s Shelving and Racking specialists, Tufferman, to scale at a rapid rate

To the joy of founders Richard Grundle and Luke Barlow, Tufferman was a business that grew quicker than the two could quite manage. Prior to implementing Khaos Control, Tufferman were struggling to handle such fast growth, and as a result had to find a system to bring some control back to their operation. After looking at other ERP system providers such as Orderwise, it was Khaos Control that ticked all the boxes.

Khaos In Action video screenshot

Warehouse integrations with key couriers

For Tufferman integrations are critical for their warehouse to run efficiently. The team needed to be able to integrate with multiple couriers including UKMail, Parcelforce, TNT and more. With the support of our Projects Team, Tufferman were smoothly transitioned from their old system to Khaos Control after weeks of vigorous testing. Once the time came, all cylinders were firing and Tufferman were ready to start putting out more orders faster than ever before.

A screenshot of Khaos Control showing the Sales Invoice Manager user interface

Sales reporting tools that continue to shape the big decisions

Within a few clicks of a button everyone working in the Tufferman team knows exactly what they need to be doing. With our in-built sales reporting tools, Tufferman are also able to effectively keep track what’s moving in and out of the warehouse, assess their margins, and most importantly, they’re able to comfortably monitor the profitability and growth of the business.

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