Sales invoice management made easy

Khaos Control allows for user-friendly and branded sales invoice management at the click of a button. Within seconds, you can update the accounts and stock levels as soon as you’ve shipped your products. That means as the sales come in, all your business figures are reflected in real-time.

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Add a personal touch to your interactions with customers

Add some personality to your invoices with notes; thank a customer for their purchase, remind them of your contact details and website in case they need to get in touch, or tell them about any current offers. Your customers’ invoices can be sent instantly by email as soon as they are generated, using professional-looking email templates of your own design. This ensures not only customer retention but also leaves a positive impression on your first-time buyers. Don’t fall victim to stereotypical business practices, set yourself apart with an ERP solution.

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Easy to manage every step of the way

Using our sales invoice management system means you can control the progress of your invoices from each stage. From the sales order being saved or imported, through the pick, pack and despatch process, to the invoice being issued to the accounts – all within a single screen. Many of these routine processes can be automated, leaving you to concentrate on growing your business. As your business grows, our fully scalable invoice management system will ensure things never get out of hand.

Woman reading paper on clipboard and writing notes

Let the system work its real-time magic

Once you’ve issued an invoice, our sales invoice management system does all the background work for you. The system updates your trial balance, profit and loss, balance sheet, and customer statements automatically to ensure everything is up to date. Handling different currencies – no problem. No need to worry about manual updates of different parts of the system or allocating payments to invoices, you can sit back once you’ve issued the invoice and watch your solution work its magic with your accounts.

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Multiple brand faces? No problem

Get unlimited branding flexibility for your invoices with our solution. When operating under multiple brands, you can select which one you want the invoice to come from. Your colour schemes, logos and more will ensure your invoice reflects your brand identity. This is great for wholesalers who operate under multiple customer-facing identities, and want to ensure brand continuity and awareness, all the way through their sales process.