A screenshot of an ecommerce website category page showing a variety of products
A screenshot of an ecommerce website category page showing a variety of products

Retail ERP software that puts businesses back in control

Whether it’s the looming presence of Amazon, supplier costs, shop rates, or competing in such a saturated marketplace, working within the retail industry can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. By introducing an ERP system for retail into their operation, retailers small and large have started reclaiming power within their processes, allowing for increased efficiency, growth, and success.

Retailers have been looking for the best solutions to simplify their business processes, yet their choices normally fall on the wrong kinds of software. Typically, they’re either too difficult to use or simply lack the ability to overcome retail challenges. That’s where Khaos Control’s retail ERP system comes in.

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We know not all retailers operate in the same way

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Selling offline in physical brick-and- mortar stores

Run your shop-front and back-office with a POS system for retailers of all sizes. Whilst our EPOS software is designed to be easy for new and temporary sales staff, the power of our systems means your store managers have the power, functionality, and confidence to manage, analyse and innovate. Easily access order information for customers on the phone or in-person with our in-built CRM. As well as ICAEW accredited accounting features, our sales and purchase ledger will also make easy work of tracking bills, rates, expenses, and more.

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Multichannel sellers offering products from separate channels

Whilst multi and omnichannel selling both involve physical and digital channels, the way their channels interact is entirely different. Typically, a multichannel retailer may have a website and physical store that has its own stock, data, rules and possibly customers – their separate channels will never interact with one another. For an ERP system, that might mean including different sites and separate customer and supplier lists for each channel.

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Selling online via an ecommerce website or marketplace

eCommerce is evolving every day, and it’s not always easy to keep on top of so many different marketplaces. Multiple selling outlets means a lot of data, and a lot of management.

For those selling across marketplaces like Amazon, eBay or Shopify, having the ability to sync stock levels across different channels is critical. Our stock level synchronization feature keeps levels up to date across the board. Keep your best sellers flying off your virtual shelves, customers happy, and sales high.

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Omnichannel sellers providing an integrated experience

When executing a omnichannel strategy customers expect to be able to shop across different channels and stores seamlessly.

Khaos Control allows businesses to connect all their sales channels from within one system. That means the orders, stock levels and customer interactions coming from your website and sales channels are running through the same piece of software. With information all unified in the same central area, information remains up to date, offers and services keep consistent, and customers stay happy.

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The core of our own retail ERP software? An award-winning stock control system

Combine your orders, stock levels, returns, surplus stock and more into one central location with Khaos Control. As soon as a sale is made on one of your selling channels, your central inventory is updated instantly with a full audit trail of every order. Our backorder reports will also ensure you’re purchasing the right amount of stock at exactly the right time. Our retail inventory management software also includes features such as:

  • Barcode Scanning
  • Returns and Exchanges
  • Product Variants
  • Purchase Order System
  • Backorder reports
  • Warehouse management

Fully integrated to the UK’s top marketplaces

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A table with chairs next to it and various glasses and jugs on top of it
A table with chairs next to it and various glasses and jugs on top of it
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Chris Barlow at Modish Living

“Almost everyone in the business interacts with Khaos Control Cloud. It’s fundamental in what we do… and we’d be pretty lost without it”

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Make business seamless with a fully integrated EPOS system

Deliver the full retail experience that your customers demand, without the hassle, added expense and technical complication of deploying a separate POS solution. With Khaos Control, you’re getting the entire package – whether that’s gaining access to sales order history, promotional offers, or tailored pricing for different customers. With Point of Sale transactions instantly updating your overall inventory levels, managing the inventory for all of your channels, as well as your reordering and replenishment becomes simple.

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Save money, increase profit, drive business forward

How does a retail ERP tool save you money? It’s all about the bigger picture. When your staff are working faster and more accurately, you’re operating under a more efficient process.

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Automation means less errors, less miscommunication about orders and inventory, and more time spent for other tasks.

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Better control over your inventory also means making huge savings when you start thinking about up-to-date reporting, forecasting, as well as streamlining tasks throughout departments.

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A more coherent supply chain also means your business is able to coordinate purchasing and supply chain, monitoring dependencies and keeping everyone involved informed.

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Start anticipating problems rather than reaction to them – visualising data on dashboards and reports mean giving your team the ability to stop errors before they happen.

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