Khaos Control

Khaos Control’s logo represents both our company and our flagship product. There are two versions of the logo – the main logo and the icon.

As a first port of call, use the main logo wherever you can, as long as it fits within the space required. For smaller spaces, the secondary logo can be used i.e. on smaller flyers. It’s preferable that the Khaos Control logo is placed on a white background where possible.

Primary Logo Khaos Control logo black text
Secondary Logo Khaos Control alternative logo

Khaos Control Cloud

Representing our product, Khaos Control Cloud, are our two logos, main and secondary. These are an immediate representation of our cloud-based solution and should be used whenever referencing Khaos Control Cloud.

When using the Khaos Control Cloud logo, please place it on a white background – the green is the defining factor of Khaos Control Cloud’s branding, and needs to be presented with the focus on the colour.

Primary Logo Khaos Control Cloud logo
Secondary Logo Khaos Control Cloud alternative logo

Khaos Control Hybrid

For Khaos Control Hybrid, our gold and black logo should be used. When talking about or referencing the solution, use the main logo where possible, and for small spaces use the secondary icon. Always place the logo on a white background to ensure the golden colour stands out.

Primary Logo Khaos Control Hybrid logo
Secondary Logo Khaos Control Hybrid alternative logo

Company colours

Khaos Control

RGB: 246, 12, 61

CMYK: 0, 95, 75, 4

Hex: #F60C3D

Khaos Control Cloud

RGB: 64, 183, 127

CMYK: 72, 0, 69, 0

Hex: #40B77F

Khaos Control Hybrid

RGB: 254, 195, 93

CMYK: 0, 25, 73 ,0

Hex: #FEC35D

Spacing considerations

When using any of our logos, consider the below spacing requirements. Our logos shouldn’t be cramped or squished on a page and needs to have adequate space to breathe. Meeting our spacing requirements keeps our logo consistency high and the possibility for error low.

logo spacing guide
logo spacing guide khaos control brand guidelines

Minimum size usage

To ensure our logos are still recognisable when used by others, please don’t make them smaller than the below sizes.

Incorrect usage

Please don’t use any of our logos, representing the company or our products, incorrectly. Incorrect usage covers using old versions of the logo or distorting it in any way. Use only the logos located in this document, if ever in doubt, contact our marketing team

khaos control brand guidelines wrong image

Logo is incorrect as CONTROL is warped and is therefore out of proportion with the rest of the logo.

khaos control brand guidelines broken image

This version of the logo is old and discontinued.

incorrect image khaos control brand guidelines

CONTROL has been completely deleted, making the logo somewhat unrecognisable and damaging to the overall brand.


logo is incorrect as has been rotated – always keep logo horizontal.