Keep selling your best sellers

One of your products has become increasingly popular. So much so, it’s literally flying off your (virtual) shelves. But the issue is, you’ve run out. You don’t want to stop selling this product line, because it will disappoint your customers and lead to a fall in sales. Worry no more: that’s where our back order software system comes in. Back orders mean you can continue to take orders, then as soon as you book in the goods from your supplier, the system will automatically assign the stock to these orders. With your back ordering under control, you can focus on the customer service side; manage expectations and provide updates, and your customers will be happy.

A screenshot of the back order stock assignment screen in Khaos Control
A screenshot of the back order list screen in Khaos Control Cloud

Keep full control of your back orders

With our back order software system, you can view your back order stock requirements and easily create the required purchase orders to fulfill demand. Alternatively, existing stock can be reallocated to more urgent orders, ensuring happy customers, and a slick operation.

Don’t be reactive, be proactive

Our back ordering processes allows to you to be completely proactive when it comes to your order fulfillment. Forget manually keeping records of customer orders, waiting for stock and painstakingly piecing them together with deliveries. Our systems do that for you, meaning you can turn your attention to other important matters, like working on sourcing your next most popular stock item, or developing an ahead-of-the-curve marketing campaign.

A screenshot of the back order purchase ordering screen in Khaos Control

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