Barcode scanning stock control software

Using technology to help manage your inventory can pay dividends in terms of increased efficiency and accurate stock control, especially when it comes to barcode scanning. Our barcode stock control software can be used during the booking in and order picking processes as well as moving sales orders through the pick, pack and despatch process reducing user error.

Save time with barcode scanning

Streamline your goods in, picking, and other stock control management functions by using barcodes. With a suitable handheld device, including barcode scanning handheld terminals, our solutions support a wide variety of barcode types. Supported barcode types include EAN, ASIN, and CODE39.

A hand holding a tag from a piece of clothing while scanning it with a barcode scanner
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Increase accuracy

Using barcode stock control software can massively reduce errors. Barcode scanning can be used throughout the system, from adding items to sales orders, moving invoices through the pick/pack/despatch process, booking in deliveries, to picking and packing orders. Scanning barcodes minimises the risk of your staff misidentifying products or documents – keeping your customers happy and reducing returns resulting from avoidable errors.

2D barcode scanning

Printing and scanning stock item barcodes has been a standard functionality in Khaos Control for some time, but in order to provide customers with a more interactive experience and to provide warehouse managers with more functionality than the traditional one-dimension barcode can offer, Khaos Control now supports 2D Barcodes for stock items.

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