Breckland Scientific + Khaos Control

Breckland are a family-owned business, based in the UK, where the family members are actively involved in running the business on a day to day basis. Together with their hand-picked team they total more than 200 years’ experience in the supply of laboratory equipment and chemicals. Breckland Scientific are focused on supplying and supporting the secondary education science market in the UK. They have been manufacturing chemicals for over 20 years and, wherever possible, their chemicals are sourced in the UK or the EU.

In addition to carrying more than 1000 chemicals, Breckland Scientific have selected over 4000 different pieces of popular equipment and apparatus, which they market through their website and catalogue.

The Business challenge

For Breckland, the business challenge was to find a system that would improve efficiency and improve their overall costs. Phil has previous experience using Khaos Control in another business, so used his own experience and some thorough research to ensure he was looking at the very best ERP solution for his business needs.

The solution

Breckland Scientific integrate their business with Khaos Control, which provided:

  • An all-in-one ERP solution customised to their specific requirements, offering greater flexibility than they had experienced previously.
  • Dedicated promotion controls, with management of special offers, key codes, vouchers, bogofs and price lists, all connected to the other data within the system.

The benefits

Breckland saw a lot of benefits when it came to Khaos Control, some of these include:

A sophisticated reordering functionality – once back order items are booked in Khaos Control automatically releases the order for picking – no tedious hanging around for manual allocations once the goods have been received.

SCS – the Size Colour Style function allows multiple variants of the same product, far easier to manage than multiple stock lines that have no association whatsoever.

Advanced branding options – when operating multiple channels and websites under different brand names, Khaos Control makes it easy provide the customer with a consistent experience thanks to advanced branding functionality.

Returns – returns rock in Khaos Control! The integration with supplier returns and the resulting stock control and invoices/credits/PO to book-in replacements works very effectively for Breckland. According to them, no other system comes close to the functionality provided.

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