Magnet Expert + khaos control

Magnet Expert Ltd, based in Nottinghamshire, specialise in the manufacture and supply of high-performance magnets. Their client base includes the likes of Disney, Virgin Media, the Metropolitan Police and the BBC – all of them benefiting from their position at the forefront of magnet technology in the UK. With over 6.5 million magnets in stock, and a full range of custom solutions to hand, they are rarely stumped when it comes to finding a solution for a customer.

The Business challenge

Matthew and Stuart chose Khaos Control to help them transform Magnet Expert, and their eCommerce brand First4Magnets, and the pair have delivered in style. “The thing that we all struggle with is time, nobody wants to waste time writing reports or looking through various systems for that important information.” Matthew Ellis, Managing Director

The solution

The old idiom still rings true. When you want to run your business effectively, every moment counts, which was something Magnet Expert were all too aware of. Up to date information that’s readily available is vital for everyone, from the Managing Director looking to make strategic decisions through to the Telesales Operative helping a customer place an order. Trawling through reports to find useful information does not work in a fast-paced environment. The team have been using Khaos Control for years now but still reap the benefits of having the UK’s leading ERP solution for multichannel retailers.

The benefits

“The attraction of Khaos Control for our company was the transparency it offers,” said Matthew, adding, “we are able to see how the company is performing across the board”.

David Gault, Magnet Expert’s Sales Director, shares his MD’s thoughts, stating Khaos Control is “allowing us to be able to control pricing in a way that we simply weren’t able to before”.

This can only help save time, prevent confusion and assure the best experience for the customer.

The system is loved by the Finance team as well, as Lindsey Melady, Magnet Expert’s Finance Director, shares: “Khaos has significantly helped in the day to day running of the accounts and the time saved has been staggering”.

“When we first started, our maximum number of orders that we could process was a little over 100, with two people working the whole day. Over the last summer, we hit a record of just under 900 orders in one morning – and Khaos Control has certainly played a big part in that success…” John Cardy, Managing Director

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