Networks Centre + khaos control

Networks Centre is one of the UK’s leading Network Cabling and Security product distributors and has grown continuously since its foundation in 2005. Networks Centre brings together the ‘best of breed’ network infrastructure products, adding superior levels of service and technical knowledge to provide customers with a complete 360-degree infrastructure solution.

The Business challenge

Networks Centre looked at various software companies to get the infrastructure of their business up and running but decided Khaos Control would be best for their needs. Unlike other ERP providers, it has stock ordering, accounts, purchasing, sales and CRM functionality built into one system. Networks Centre didn’t have to buy different modules as they grew, nor did they need different software for each function, that risks being disjointed and not working together efficiently.

The solution

Khaos Control stepped in and adapted the systems to be able to cope with new platforms. With the introduction of Multichannel Integration, the total number of processed orders increase by over 300%. Alongside Multichannel Integration, another useful development for the business was automating their downloading and shopping on various platforms. With the same saved, the business were able to focus on other jobs in the business.

“Khaos Control’s bespoke nature makes developing new parts of our business easier, especially as the market’s continual change has brought many transformations and alterations for us, and led to an almost complete reverse of our strategy.“ John Cardy, Managing Director

The benefits

As Duncan puts it, “Khaos Control works well for our business needs and is great for stock control, which covers a broad part of our business”.

The more than 10-years-long business relationship with Networks Centre has been characterised by joint growth. Networks Centre has grown and continues to grow with Khaos Control, and Khaos Control has been growing with them. Because we both value our customers not just as customers – but as long-term business partners.

Khaos Control has been with Networks Centre since the start. It has supported them in growing their business continuously and sustainably. While they started out with fibre optic cable components and the related products around it, they are now providing their clients with much more. With sophisticated solutions for Network Infrastructure cabling and in-depth expertise in that field, they are the go-to provider for end-users within their industry.

Their aim was to grow. And, with Khaos Control, they did. They now have a stock inventory of circa £2.1 million, over 2,000 active accounts, a turnover of around £14 million and more than 40 members of staff.

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