Pet Drugs Online + Khaos Control

Pet Drugs Online was started in 2005 with the aim of providing veterinary medication and animal products online. Now they’re the UK’s leading retailer for pets and owners with orders containing prescription items being their speciality. Over the years they’ve helped dogs, cats, horses and even an Alpaca!

The Business challenge

“Pre-Khaos Control we coped but it was always a bit of a struggle”, said Trent Webb from Pet Drugs Online. “There’s a lot of data that needs to be kept on each Sales Order to make sure the right medication is going out to the right pet.” Simon Belcham added, “We struggled to manage despatching the volume of orders from our previous systems.”

The solution

It’s not just better order handling that Pet Drugs Online have benefited from. “Prior to Khaos Control, it took 3 days to provide month end figures. With Khaos Control it takes 3 hours”, Simon pointed out. Not only does it take significantly less man hours to produce the same financial information, the information can also be provided to a very detailed extend. For example, Pet Drugs Online can now quickly access data on any of the pets they’ve helped; information ranging on what kind of animal, right down to their names.

After having some bespoke changes to Khaos Control and their new website, a robust solution has been created and “the customer experience has been improved”. And it shows! Pet Drugs Online currently have a 99% positive feedback on Feefo, with a coveted Gold Trusted Merchant Status.

The benefits

With Khaos Control in place since 2014, orders have increased year on year. As Simon explains, “In the first year by 63% and in the second year by a further 36%”. This proves that Khaos Control is supporting Pet Drugs Online’s continued growth. Despite the increase of orders, and moving premises, “service has not been affected”.

So where have these orders come from? Trent explains, “We’ve seen growth in the prescription sector of over 50% (in 2014-16). We handle this increased volume with greater accuracy and dispense far quicker than ever before; thanks to Khaos Control”. And that of course means more healthy pets, which is great for everyone!

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