The Gluttonous Gardener

Planting the way to success

The Gluttonous Gardener deliver plant and tree gifts that celebrate weddings, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries and all other special and significant life events. With an ever-growing product range and more customers than ever, The Gluttonous Gardener needed a solution that could process their orders, hold their stock and expand what they can offer their customers.

The Gluttonous Gardener

Provide outstanding customer service

The team at Gluttonous Gardener have found all they need for success with Khaos Control. Our flexible solution keeps their orders and stock levels up to date across their selling channels, and helps them to nurture the relationships with their customers. With our omnichannel approach, Gluttonous Gardener can deliver consistently excellent customer service no matter the source their customers arrives from, whether that be from social media, Google, or over the phone.

The Gluttonous Gardener

One-of-a-kind functionality

The Gluttonous Gardener team utilise some great features of Khaos Control Cloud that other solutions don’t offer, like a demo version of the system. This is great for testing new functionality without it affecting live data. They also use this demo version to train new staff members, so they can get to grips with the system without affecting the version the trained team use.

Khaos Control and the Homeware Industry

When it comes to the homeware industry, we have an array of customers who know all too well about the importance of having a system in place. We’re proud to also provide our services to: Sophie Allport, Myakka, Modish Living and Nkuku.

  • Sophie Allport
  • Myakka
  • Modish Living
  • Nkuku

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