The Gluttonous Gardener + Khaos Control Cloud

The Gluttonous Gardener deliver plant and tree gifts that celebrate weddings, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries and all other special and significant life events. The idea germinated over 20 years ago in the head of gardener, Ned Trier. “I found myself in yet another London traffic jam en-route to a client’s garden. Keen to avoid the traffic and to keep busier in the quieter months, I devised a plan to deliver a range of growing gifts for the same price as a decent bunch of flowers.”

Recommended by word of mouth from a friend, Khaos Control Cloud has helped to bring order to The Gluttonous Gardener and has helped the business keep on top of the growing number of orders they’ve received.

The business challenge

With an ever-growing product range and more customers than ever, The Gluttonous Gardener needed a solution that could process their orders, hold their stock and expand what they can offer their customers.

Their business challenge was finding all they needed in one system, that would provide the support and flexibility they required.

The solution

The Gluttonous Gardener implemented Khaos Control Cloud into their business, providing:

  • A flexible solution to process their orders and keep their stock levels up to date, whilst also offering the ability to have more advanced features built when required. Gluttonous Gardner made the solution more suitable for them by, for a one-off cost, having bespoke development to advance their reporting within the system.
  • Khaos Control Cloud offers complete ability to work on the go, so the whole Gluttonous Gardener team can log in from anywhere and access their entire business from a browser.

The benefits

  • All the features they require at a reasonable monthly cost – “We have been very pleased with the system since we started using it 4 months ago. We have found the system to have everything we need to process our orders and keep stock levels updated.”
  • Completely unique features – The Gluttonous Gardener utilise some great features of Khaos Control Cloud that other solutions don’t offer, like a demo version of the system to try out new ideas and features – great when wanting to test things out without it affecting live data. They also use this demo version to train up new staff members, meaning they can get to grips with the system without being exposed to any potential mistakes that can happen when training with an in-use system.