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“From Portakabin in 2007 to huge and expanding warehouse selling across six websites 10 years later, Khaos Control has been essential for our growth. I would recommend this British business software to anyone looking to build companies for the long haul. Robust companies that deliver when they say they’re going to deliver – every time.”
Wendy Clarkson

Fizzco + KHAOS Control Multi-Channel Software

FizzcoLincolnshire-based Fizzco, sellers and installers of Christmas decorations just up the A1 from our Grantham HQ, have a remarkable growth story.

Starting life in the 1980s growing and supplying Christmas trees, Fizzco ‘branched out’ to Christmas decorations in 2007, establishing a dedicated warehouse for their rapidly growing stock.

With their initial focus on online sales, Managing Director Wendy reorientated Fizzco to spearhead bespoke installation of Christmas displays. The change of emphasis proved an enormous success, ultimately increasing their single website to six, reflecting Fizzco’s wealth of brands.

Brands that include Fizzco Projects, a premier supplier of creative displays; Fizzco Trade, a seller of bulk Christmas decorations; Connectable Lights, a marketplace of exclusive display lighting; ChristmasTime UK, an unmatched site for Christmas supplies; FairyLightUK, a hub for every type of fairy light you can imagine; and Bauble Time UK, a dedicated place for those looking to buy baubles only.

The constant thread running through Fizzco’s story is Khaos Control. Tried and tested business software, it’s been Fizzco’s partner in growth for over a decade, always there to support different business ideas and bringing the company to the happy point where today they can’t expand quickly enough!

The Business Challenge


Fizzco has been immersed in the cut and thrust of online business for the past 10 years, a challenge that demanded continuous adaptation.

A key challenge, Fizzco found, was establishing recurring income – their Christmas decorations were snapped up by customers, but they did not return after they stowed away their baubles and tinsel in the loft for next time.

Every year meant a hard reset – finding new customers in a market crammed with competitors. As Wendy told us, it was a business model where growth sapped cash, which she compared with “filling a leaky bucket”.

The Solution

Fizzco adapted with the launch of Fizzco Projects, their Christmas display design-and-install service.

For customers such as Alton Towers and Channel 4, Legoland and Shopping Centres across the UK, Fizzco’s expertise was called on to create and set up awesome festive displays.

Thanks to their strong culture of brilliant customer service, Fizzco had found customers eager to return year after year for repeat installs.

The clever part was that, thanks to their online sales of Christmas decorations, and Khaos Control’s ability to organise their warehouse and oversee brand performance, Fizzco was able to use their own stock without reliance on third parties. An immediate advantage.

With hard work, willingness to try new ideas and the reliable business software of Khaos Control, Fizzco is entering its second decade with confidence. Confidence embodied by their search for a new, bigger premises and Wendy’s assertion they could “easily double the business” this year alone!

Fizzco Team


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