Provide first class service with customer management software

Without customers, there can be no business. Our CRM (customer relationship management) software helps you put customer communication at the heart of your operation. Record and manage every customer interaction, delivering better customer service with ease.

How can our CRM help your online business?

Information at your fingertips
Quickly log interactions
Deliver impactful service

Within our customer management system, every customer gets an individual record. This allows your customer service team to offer a much more personalised journey, because they can pull up past orders, communications, back-orders, favourite products and any other relevant bits of information in an instant.


Make it as easy as possible for your service team to maintain and manage customer relationships. Log every interaction with a customer, including the date and time it occurred. These are recorded against the customer’s record, so your customer service team can continue the previous conversation smoothly, each time they pick up the phone. Record previous returns processed by the customer, or issues they’ve had with products in the past. You can also keep track of key information to continually strengthen the relationship between representative and customer.


Our tasks functionality will remind you when you need to carry out follow up actions promised to your customers. This includes managing complaints, so both the team member logging the complaint, and the customer, know when the complaint will be followed up. This gives the power back to your customer service team to manage customer expectations surrounding complaints, and also prevents them from having to keep track of every task logged.

Up-to-the-minute view of your sales pipeline

Gain complete control of your sales pipeline, helping your team focus their sales efforts and evaluate lost leads with our comprehensive sales pipeline tracking tool.

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Nurture relationships with list segmentation

Extract important information on your customer base, such as products bought and last order date. Segmented lists can then be combined and de-duped so that offers and promotions can be targeted at the right audience, increasing their lifetime-value to your business.

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Personalise every communication

With our email manager you can send fully personalised emails to your customer base. Keep your customer updated at every step of their ordering journey, and send notifications when their order is being picked and packed, to when it’s on it’s way.

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Manage on behalf of your clients with ease

If you’re fulfilling orders on behalf of other clients, our solution allows you to manage each client’s stock and sales orders separately, as well as having an overview of your entire operation.

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