Flexible yet easy to use

Our delivery notes allow you to book in full deliveries, part deliveries and under or over deliveries quickly and easily. The process can be sped up even more because our system is fully compatible with barcode reader technology. This allows you to quickly book goods in with their barcodes, greatly reducing errors from manual booking.

backorders with khaos control delivery notes

Backorders? No problem

When booking in stock using our delivery notes, you can even control how much of that stock (if any) is released to fulfil backorders. The booking in process integrates with your back-order management, automatically releasing orders for picking as soon as the goods arrive, improving customer satisfaction and allowing you to manage backorders with confidence.

Booking goods in and maintaining quality

The system provides you with the ability to control the quality of the products you’re purchasing, either as a sample or 100% check. Anything that you decide to quality control will not be released to fulfil sales orders until the goods have been checked and signed off as being of the expected quality. The system can automatically raise a supplier return for items that fail quality check.

delivery notes booking goods in khaos control purchase order system

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