Integrate your own solution with Khaos Control’s Third Party APIs

We offer a huge level of functionality and flexibility with our easy-to-use APIs.

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Advantages of Khaos Control’s Third Party API

  • Integrate custom solutions without the need to introduce a new workflow to Khaos Control users.
  • Use Webhook-based APIs to process data that’s pushed to your solution, without the need to create your own update management process.
  • Our dedicated implementation team are on-hand to help you get up and running as fast as possible.
  • Create an industry-wide integration and allow your solution to be used by thousands of Khaos Control users.

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An API that’s easy and familiar

  • Our APIs support standard web methods that work in the most popular programming languages.
  • Familiar JSON/XML interfaces.
  • RESTful and Webhook-based APIs to suit your needs.
  • Our APIs are regularly maintained by our expert team, giving you even more features and flexibility.

A bunch of new possibilities with Khaos Control APIs

With our APIs you can take advantage of Khaos Control’s automation and advanced workflow features. Some examples are:

  • Use the API to gather stock information to update multiple selling channels at once.
  • Integrate your solution to send order information directly to the warehouse.
  • Process shipments via an independent courier service or your in-house delivery service.
  • Send customer returns to Khaos Control directly from your website.
  • Extract order details to pass onto automated machinery to create bespoke products.

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Key Features

  • Send Orders to Khaos Control:  Synchronise orders from your solution to Khaos Control.
  • Receive Inventory Updates: Process inventory level and information changes within your API connection.
  • Receive Order Updates: Process order updates through the API.
  • Courier Integration: Send and receive custom shipping requests from Khaos Control.
  • Send Customer Returns: Send customer returns from your solution to Khaos Control, allowing them to be processed accurately.

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