Easy Order & Inventory Management for Amazon

Automate your orders, listings, inventory, and despatch process for multiple Amazon seller accounts with Khaos Control.

Sell more on Amazon, whilst increasing your business performance with Khaos Control

Use Khaos Control to automate your order and inventory management, cutting out manual processes and complex workflows.

  • Synchronise you stock levels across all sales channels, to prevent overselling.
  • Manage orders from multiple sales channels and marketplaces in a single place with Khaos Control.
  • Automate your shipping status updates and inform the customer with tracking information.
  • Enhance your customer returns process with Khaos Control.
  • Start selling internationally by connecting to multiple Amazon marketplaces.

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Take advantage of Amazon FBA with Khaos Control

  • Easily transfer stock from your warehouse to Amazon, with Khaos Control’s enhanced stock movement functionality.
  • Maximise visibility of FBA sales through dashboards and real-time reporting.
  • Personalise the customer service experience by using Khaos Control’s all-in-one system.
  • Easily find shipping information and statuses from all sales channels in one place.
  • Use Khaos Control to reserve or send stock to multiple locations., to meet changes in demand.
A laptop with the amazon website displayed and some graphics of a simple graph overlayed on top

Automation that helps increase customer satisfaction on Amazon

  • Improve the shopper experience by using automation in Khaos Control.
  • Prioritise shipping of AMZ orders with configurable workflows.
  • Avoid manual entry errors by using Khaos Control’s seamless listing update functionality.
  • Apply price changes and discounts easily with dedicated price lists per sales channel.
  • Produce personalised marketing campaigns based on shopper behaviour.
Wide view of a warehouse and loads of racking

Key Features

  • Listing Updates:  Synchronise your inventory levels and information automatically.
  • Shipping Updates: Automate and send shipping information to your seller account without the need of manual entry.
  • Order Management: Create priory rules for Amazon orders to maximise customer satisfaction.
  • Customer Management: Get to know your customer base by viewing order history, sales sources, and CRM information.
  • Back Order Management: Manage the replenishment of stock or create drop ship orders with ease.
  • Returns Management:  Process customer returns effortlessly with exchanges or full refunds.

Transform your business with Khaos Control