How can this integration help your business?

Our integration allows you to connect your Khaos Control account to your Amazon store, enabling data to pass back and forth between the two. Sync your inventory, orders, payments and shipping in one place. Whenever a sale is made on your Amazon store, the information is automatically passed back to Khaos Control, allowing for stock levels to be updated and shared with both Amazon and your other channels. This prevents over-selling on your channels and removes the need for manual stock updates.

Seamless stock control
Efficient pick, pack & despatch
Automated order management

Why Amazon?

Amazon is the cornerstone of online selling. With over 145 million users worldwide, listing your products on the site leads to exposure to a whole new audience and can bring about new selling and profit opportunities. Our Amazon integration keeps your product listings up-to-date 24/7, with your stock levels updating automatically, preventing overselling and disappointed customers.

*Please note, the features mentioned may differ slightly between each solution provided by Khaos Control. Contact the team for more information.

Automated order management

Your Amazon orders are downloaded and imported into Khaos Control all day, every date. This means no manually downloading orders from Amazon; each time an order is made on Amazon, a sales order is created in Khaos Control to get the fulfilment process started.

Seamless stock control

Automatically downloading orders and sending your inventory figures ensures that Amazon and Khaos Control are on 'the same page' in terms of stock that's available to sell. This means no time-wasting on needless stock checks and you'll always have enough stock to fulfil the orders you recieve.

Efficient pick, pack despatch

Control your pick, pack, despatch process with our Amazon integration. Save time and money by selecting the right courier option automatically with our Metapack integration. As soon as an order is despatched, Khaos Control will instantly send tracking information to the customer via Amazon, allowing them to track their order without you having to manually provide the tracking information.

Selling Guide

Selling on Amazon in 2020, or considering it?

We’ve put together a guide with the most recent information and updates, covering new opportunities, tips on listing algorithms, as well as what to watch out for when it comes to your overall selling strategy.

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Selling Guide

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