How can this integration help your business?

Our Etsy integration means you can hook your store directly to your account in Khaos Control. This enables data to pass between the two, allowing for order updates when a product is purchased on Etsy, removing the chance of overselling and disappointing customers.
Manage your Etsy orders in one central location
Comprehensive control of your shipments
Optimise your core processes

Why Etsy?

Etsy is an eCommerce website for sellers to house their creations, from handmade necklaces right through to old vintage radios. From a sellers perspective, Etsy allows you to reach niche, targeted audiences, enabling a more tailored buying experience for users. Our integration enables you to connect your back-office in Khaos Control directly to Etsy, so you can spend time marketing your products to the right customers, safe in the knowledge that Khaos Control is keeping your inventory completely up to date.

*Please note, this integration is provided by one of our partners, Roseta, and carries a small charge. The features mentioned may differ slightly between each solution provided by Khaos Control. Contact our team for more information.

Manage your Etsy orders

Your Etsy orders are downloaded and imported into Khaos Control automatically throughout the day. This removes the need for the manual input of orders, avoiding costly keying errors. When someone buys something from your Etsy store, a sales order is automatically created in Khaos Control, kickstarting your order fulfilment process instantly.

Optimise your core processes

Our integration means you can sync your Etsy store to Khaos Control, providing enhanced control of your core business processes. With Khaos Control, you can access your stock levels, couriers and customer records in one single location. This allows you to gain further control over the important parts of your business, enabling you to focus on business growth on your Etsy platform, as well as your other channels.

Comprehensive control of your shipments

Control the cost of shipments and use our Metapack integration to send items as cost effectively as possible. Postage data and tracking information is sent straight to Etsy when the order is despatched, allowing your customers to keep track of their order.

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