Khaos Control Cloud

For small and medium businesses

Designed for those operating smaller businesses, we offer Khaos Control Cloud. This lightweight solution is cloud-based and allows you to control your business processes in one core system.


  • Flexible working – operate your business from anywhere, at any time of the day. No limits.
  • Scalable – solid foundation provided for you to grow; the system will scale as you do.
  • Monthly subscription – affordable, monthly subscription with no hidden fees. We promise we won’t guilt you into staying if the system isn’t for you – our plan is completely flexible, so you can pay-as-you-go without having to worry about exit fees or lost data if you decide to leave.
  • Integrations – integrations with all the key players, including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, EKM, Xero and Despatch Bay.
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When investing in the system, you will benefit from personalised training and a host of videos with Khaos Control Cloud, as well as a friendly support team who are always on hand to help.

Khaos Control

For big businesses

For those turning over larger amounts, processing a lot of orders and handling a lot of stock, we have the comprehensive business management software, Khaos Control. Offering advanced control of your business processes, it is more detailed than its lighter counterpart.

khaos control product overview


  • Multichannel Integrations – seamless communication between Khaos Control and marketplaces, which means improved consistency in your customer service
  • Real time reporting – access to key data, day or night, as well as advanced reporting tools and key metrics enabling you to draw evaluations on the different parts of your business.
  • Financial control – integrated accounts means instant and accurate financial reporting, as well as reduced administrative overheads, enabling you to run your company as profitably as possible.
  • Extensive training and resources – Khaos Control comes with lots of training with our friendly team, as well as a whole host of resources. You’ll also have access to our Wiki, which provides guidance on how to achieve different goals with Khaos Control, and is great for answering common questions or solving issues.

Khaos Control Hybrid

For customers that want more

Khaos Control Hybrid is a combination of our two products, Khaos Control and Khaos Control Cloud, in one offering. Hybrid allows your Khaos Control database to synchronise with multiple channels and platforms, as well as with Khaos Control Cloud, offering a whole new level of flexibility.


  • One database – all your data collated into one database, meaning real-time information across all your platforms.
  • On the road working – get the comprehensive features of Khaos Control with the cloud-based benefits of Khaos Control Cloud. Enable your sales team to access real time inventory, sales order and CRM data on the go, meaning improved customer service and a higher chance of converting leads into sales.
  • Award-winning solutions – get the positives of two award winning solutions all in one place.
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