Are your suppliers giving you the service you deserve?

You always expect a level of service from your suppliers, but how can you measure and compare this? Our systems give you an overview of crucial supplier interactions, order dates, estimated delivery, actual delivery, quality control data and the percentage of products returned. Tracking this information gives you the evidence you need when negotiating with your suppliers.

supplier performance and service tracking khaos control

get better deals suppliers with supplier performance tracking khaos control cloud

Get better deals from your suppliers

Be better informed in your buying decisions by understanding the differences between alternative suppliers’ performance. Compare costs, service levels and general performance with our reporting tools, enabling you to find which suppliers are letting you down and which will provide you with a better service.

Keep your reputation consistent

With supplier performance tracking built into our ERP solutions, keeping your branding and reputation intact is easier than ever. Because of the impact of supplier performance on your supply chain, having performance data on hand, and consistently drawing evaluations from it, gives you the power to correct any errors with your suppliers before they have a drastic impact on your whole supply chain, and therefore on your brand and reputation. Keep your positive reputation intact, in a simple and efficient way, by monitoring the performance of your supply partners.

keep your reputation consistent supplier performance tracking

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