Supporting the best of the
UK’s Pet and Wildlife Industry

Whether it’s keeping stock of toys and treats, managing veterinary prescriptions, or staying on top of a large database of customers and their furry friends, Khaos Control is a solution with a track record for success. For over two decades, we’ve been helping key players in the pet and veterinary industry manage their business and grow their frontline.

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How Dorwest Herbs transformed
their online operations

Prior to switching in 2018, Dorwest Herbs were using an ERP provider that met basic needs. However, ongoing issues between the customer service team and the website meant staff were firefighting their way through technical issues.

Within the space of a few months, Khaos Control implemented a full back-office solution as well as creating Dorwest a website that hooked up directly to their new ERP system. Stock levels were now automatically syncing between their new website and the system, allowing the customer service team to stop tackling development issues, and get back to what was important.

“We are now into our 4th year of being a Khaos Control customer – and right from the very start, we’ve been impressed…Through a common understanding of goals and capabilities, there have been no surprises, no dead ends, and most importantly no looking back!”

Managing detailed prescription data and cutting key tasks in half

Put simply, Pet Drugs Online were not getting enough orders out the door before switching to another solution. Their previous system couldn’t handle a large ammount of prescription data needed to be kept on each sales order, and as a result, held the business back.

On top of a slow despatch line, it was taking at least 3 days to provide month end figures with financial information being scattered in different corners of their old system.

Fast forward to implementing Khaos Control, and month end figures were being generated within hours instead of days. Information on any pet, any prescription or order could be accessed with ease, and orders were finally going out in high volumes.

“We’ve seen growth in the prescription sector of over 50%. We handle this increased volume with greater accuracy and dispense far quicker than ever before; thanks to Khaos Control”.

Proud providers to the best in the UK’s Pet Industry

Key areas of Khaos Control


Automation means less errors, less miscommunication about orders and inventory, and more time spent for other tasks.

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Inventory Management

Ensure your orders and purchases are all managed and synced within the system as soon as an item is sold or returned.

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Easily operate across multiple locations, different location types or even a multi- warehouse setup with replenishment processes between locations.

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Access key information about customers within a few clicks. Available on-the-go for your sales team or for those working in customer service.

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Whether you’re selling bespoke or mass-produced items, Khaos Control allows you to stay on top of your suppliers.

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Our intuitive accounts allows businesses to stay on top of revenue, profitability, and have site on all business expenses.

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