Your Amazon Seller Account is the heart and soul of your business activities on Amazon. It brings everything you are doing into one central area and allows you to manage it from there.

But do you know how it actually works? What useful tools and features it offers to make selling much more efficient? How you can get the most out of it for your business?

If not, then join us as we try to unravel the mysteries of the Amazon Seller Account for you in this blog post.

Why Should I Care About My Amazon Seller Account?

Your Seller Account allows you to view and manage your Amazon activities from one spot. It gives you a complete overview of your listed products, your sold products and money you’ve taken.

From there, you can also list new products for sale and access the relevant tools, change your settings, check your account and payment status and much more.

You can use the following areas of your Seller Account to manage your Amazon business:

Manage Your Orders

Amazon Seller AccountHere you can view all your listed items and their status, across all sales channels and apply various filter options. The order list provides you with all the details you need, for example order dates, product details, buyer information, billing and shipping details, as well as status information.

From this table, you can also take several actions. You can, for example, print the packing slip, add tracking information, cancel the order or refund it.

It is also the place where you can upload more items, either individually or en masse.

Get Paid

This is the key area when it comes to payments and billing. You can keep track of sold items and access your billing archive.


Use reports to view your ratings and feedback as well as any A-Z Safe Buying Guarantee claims. From this tab, you can also view payments & transaction reports and order reports. The latter contain all the information you need to fulfil orders but no billing information and can be obtained automatically or manually. Examining reports regularly can help you learn from past performance and improve your business constantly.


Amazon Seller AccountHere you can edit your account and profile. You can change your customer service, payment and delivery policies, your nickname, credit card details or VAT details. It is also the place to adjust your Amazon store settings and your profile.

Within the Store Settings page, you can update your Seller Profile information. Your Seller Profile is what buyers can see when they click on your seller name next to your listings. It includes all your active listings, a search feature, business information, feedback ratings and comments, as well as policies.

While certain information on your Seller Profile is provided by Amazon, like delivery rates or A-to-Z Guarantee information, it is generally your responsibility to keep your profile up-to-date. After all, it is the page that introduces you to the buyer and can have a big impact on whether they approve of you as trustworthy enough to purchase from you or not.

So, make sure your profile looks nice and polished and contains detailed and accurate information. In the About section you can, for example, give an insight into your company’s story, heritage or values, as well as relevant policies. This gives your buyers a picture of the people behind the products they are looking to purchase and makes your relationship with them less anonymous and more personal.

It is worth adding your business logo to your Amazon store, as this will make you look much more professional and trustworthy. Find a detailed guided on how to do this and the accepted file format and size here. Be aware that your logo should be as high quality as possible and always up-to-date to represent your current company branding.

But What If I Don’t Want to Sell on Amazon Anymore?

However, if for some reason, you decide that you do not want to sell on Amazon anymore, then you can simply close your Amazon Seller Account.

Nevertheless, we would like to issue a word of warning here: Closing your account is a permanent action and cannot be undone. After closing your account, you won’t be able to access it anymore. This also means you won’t be able to view your order history, issue refunds, or communicate with buyers. It might therefore be worth considering keeping your account. You can still suspend your listings by changing their status or remove them entirely from Amazon.

If you are sure you want to close your account for good, then you will have to take a few steps beforehand. Obviously, you need to fulfil any outstanding orders and remove your listings from Amazon. You also need to resolve all transactions with buyers and confirm that you have a valid bank account on file in order to receive a final payment. Lastly, if you are a professional seller, you will need to switch your selling plan to stop Amazon from billing you.

If you have done all of the above, you are ready to cancel your account here.

Instead of Backing Out – Jump Right In!

Amazon Seller AccountAs mentioned before, backing out of your Amazon account should only be the last resort. If you are struggling to get your sales going on Amazon, find out how to sell on Amazon like a boss and boost your sales in an instant.

And if you have problems managing your Amazon orders and at the same time taking care of the rest of your business, a cloud-based ERP software that fully integrates with Amazon can be the solution.

Don’t worry, it is quick to get started and incredibly flexible – why not try it for free today?