Global-e is a smart solution that makes easy work of connecting your business with brands around the world. It works by converting currency and language depending on the country your visitor is from. So, if you’re based in the UK and your website runs on GBP, by using Global-e, visitors from France will be presented with a website ending in .fr, with the ability to purchase in Euros.

These smart solutions give your business the power to boost international sales at a rapid rate by providing access to customers from over 200+ destinations around the world. With a design tailored to increase conversion rates, you can provide a seamless, dedicated experience to customers that don’t even speak your language.

The direct benefits of Global-e for B2B and B2C businesses

  • Save money – money that might have been spent making different websites for each country can now be reinvested back into your business.
  • Safety for international customs – for those shopping in different countries, providing a website with key information translated into their local dialect, as well as showing items in the relevant currency, allows your international customers to feel safer and more at home when shopping with you. This is also likely to encourage more sales thanks to a familiar feeling environment.
  • Fees handled for you – Global-e handles the shipment, from leaving your warehouse to delivery to the customer. This means you don’t need to worry about duty fees or customs declarations, and you can focus your energy on further international expansion.
  • VAT returns simplified – when you utilise this service, Global-e becomes the “buyer” and acts as a middleman between you and the customer, which makes VAT returns and removes the requirement for EC reporting of sales and intrastat declaration.
  • No hassle returns – like a core of the order and delivery process, Global-e also handles returns. This comes through Global-e back to you, and into whichever business management system you use, allowing for a much easier returns process all around

How does the service work?

  1. First, one of your international customers, will navigate to your website. As an example, we will take a customer from France.
  2. When they search for your website online, the results will point them to a localised link – They navigate to the item/s they want to purchase and pay for their purchase in Euros.
  3. Global-e will receive and process this order into your local currency, i.e. pounds. If you’re using a compatible stock management system, like Khaos Control, this is where the order will get passed through, and will appear in your system as a new sale to Global-e.
  4. The order will import into Khaos Control with the invoice and shipping address. Tax will also be applied to the order based on the invoice address, instead of the delivery address – this is because the sale is made under Global-e, a UK-based company, and VAT will be charged based on that.
  5. The order will be processed, picked, and packed by your team, and the despatched to the nearest airport, addressed to Global-e. It will then be delivered to the customer.

This is possible as Khaos Control has been adapted to hold three addresses per order, one for the Global-e HQ (for invoicing), one for the Global-e distribution hub (so you know where to send the goods), and one for the end customers (so that Global-e know where to send the order).

How does Global-e work with Khaos Control?

By combining the power of Khaos Control, with Global-e, you’re able to expand internationally with ease, fulfil orders from across the global without worrying about customs fees or shipping costs, and grow your customer base as a result.

Just from within one system, you’re able to see orders being placed from around the world.

It’s also worth remembering that as Brexit looms, Global-e and Khaos Control can provide your business with the ability to easily manage international shipments and charges.

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