Pick, Pack and Despatch are crucial functions when selling products online, without which your customer will be left without orders and you, as a business, will struggle to fulfil orders. Any online business needs robust processes to ensure warehouse operations are managed effectively, ensuring reliable and consistent customer service. As such, there are common issues associated with this process.

Incorrect item location

If an item is in the wrong location, there will be one of two outcomes: Either the picker must spend time looking for it in another location, meaning additional time must be spent searching for it, or the wrong item gets sent to the customer. Both risk customer unhappiness and loss of business. You also run the danger of negative customer feedback on your website, telling others your company is unreliable and not to do business with you again.

The solution
A comprehensive order management system reduces incorrect item placement. Barcode scanners, a fundamental aspect of these systems, help as all items get scanned when entered, with error messages flashing up if they are placed in the wrong location.

Paper-based picking

This operation is highly inefficient and leads to significant risk.
There is the initial issue of printing out pick sheets, meaning there is the extra cost of printing and the waste of throwing these sheets away once orders are picked. There is also the threat of incomplete orders, due to lost pick sheets or all orders not being printed.

The solution
The solution is to eliminate paper-based picking by implementing a mobile-based Order Management System, swapping your paper pick sheets for a mobile or tablet. Khaos Control Cloud is completely mobile based, meaning there is no need to print and carry around inefficient pick sheets to complete orders, that you will have fewer pick errors, and that your reputation will be enhanced with customers knowing yours is a company that completes orders promptly and accurately.

Untraceable picked orders

This is a common issue with paper-based picking systems. Sheets are printed and then handed out to workers, but there is no way of knowing which sheet has been assigned to which worker. This makes team management difficult. It also means there is no accountability if orders are picked incorrectly. Managers need to be able to oversee what their team is up to assess worker efficiency and track the order progress.

The solution
A comprehensive Order Management System means clear visibility on who has picked what and how long it takes them. Khaos Control Cloud allows full auditing of your Pick, Pack and Despatch process, meaning you know who has picked what and how long it has taken them, allowing you to analyse warehouse layout and boost efficiency.

No order management system

Without an Order Management System, companies have no hope of tracking their orders. This means you cannot judge item popularity, see if there are seasonal variations for items, and track your profit and loss. As well as this, if orders are taken and written on paper, the risk of incorrect order fulfilment increases significantly.

The solution
Effective Order Management Systems transform businesses. Order Management software allows businesses to keep track of their orders, audit their processes and keep track of their earnings. It is paramount a business installs an effective Order Management System, not only to thrive but to facilitate growth.

Labour intensive picking

Typically, a business will take on additional staff to meet demand. However, this can end up becoming incredibly expensive. Companies must spend time and resources training new staff who make mistakes as they find their feet, adding further to staff costs.

The solution
Introducing warehouse automation allows you to cut labour costs and improve picker efficiency. An order management system means fewer errors in a warehouse and supports comprehensive reporting.