What Should You Consider When Choosing a Courier Service? With Christmas around the corner businesses worldwide are going into overdrive to ship and deliver orders. The worst thing to happen at this time of year is a breakdown in operations/mistakes being made in the pick pack and despatch stage. As most businesses will be aware, choosing the right courier service can mean the difference between a successful busy period and one that ends in disaster, but what factors should you consider when choosing your courier service

Cost Effectivness – What Should You Consider When Choosing a Courier Service?The most obvious concern is how cost effective is your courier service? Do they provide an affordable service that is highly rated by your consumers, or do they charge extortionate amounts for a subpar experience? This has been made very evident recently with BBC’s Watchdog exposing Hermes for not properly vetting their staff, poorly handling deliveries and leaving customers embittered towards the courier service. Customers will then relate their experience with your company, leading to a downturn in repeat purchases.
What Should You Consider When Choosing a Courier Service?

Reliability – This is a key factor when weighing up your courier options. Do they have a reputation for breaking packages, losing parcels a little too often or forging fake signatures? Stay well clear, as the lower price draw is just a scam in disguise. Remember, you get what you pay for.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Courier Service?

Global Presence –  A global presence is a good indicator as to the health and efficiency of the business, after all, if they had poor logistical infrastructure, they would never have grown to such a size. It also says a lot about the capacity in which they operate, they will easily be able to accommodate large orders, as well as being able to deliver on short notice with immediate deadlines.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Courier Service?

Do They Facilitate Next Day Delivery? – Convenience is king, and people are willing to pay through the nose for it. In an age where information access is as simple as clicking a link and social media allows for immediate gratification, we expect everything ASAP. This has extended to our deliveries and ecommerce platforms such as Amazon are keen to take advantage. If your courier service doesn’t have an adequate next day delivery option, then move on to the next one.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Courier Service?How effective are their tracking systems? – Tracking deliveries is a huge bonus in the eyes of any customer. Being able to follow your parcel as it makes it’s way through the streets allows consumers to better allocate their time, so they no longer must wait indoors for longer than necessary. Some tracking systems allow the customer to watch in real time as their courier makes their way to them, whereas others only offer minimal information and imprecise delivery times.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Courier Service?What is their staffing structure like? – The way in which courier companies hire their staff has a huge impact on the quality of service. Some are vetted, paid adequately and are held responsible for the delivery of the package. Others allow anyone to become a driver, with minimal selection procedures in place, thereby inviting mistakes and mishaps.


What Should You Consider When Choosing a Courier Service?How do you properly manage and coordinate your efforts? – For a business, coordinating many courier services can easily get messy. So, investing in carrier management software can make your life that much simpler. It just so happens we know of a great provider of Carrier Management Software. SmartConsign allows you to consolidate all your couriers into one easy to manage cloud-based platform. All you need to operate is a connection to the internet. Why not go check out their website and see if they’re a good fit?


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