Dorwest Herbs are the first to use Khaos Control Hybrid, an award-winning solution

Dorwest Herbs are a 3rd generation family business, famous for providing canine and feline herbal treatments. They are also the only manufacturer of herbal medicines authorised by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.

We recently visited Dorwest Herbs, a customer of Khaos Control since 2018. The system has fast become an integral part of the way they run their business. The goal for Dorwest has always been to be the number one supplier of herbal medicines in the UK and in the dog market. Since installing Khaos Control, that goal is fast becoming a reality and levels of productivity have increased throughout the business.

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Trying to find the perfect solution

Dorwest are a business steeped in history, celebrating their 70th anniversary in 2018, and one of their biggest challenges was keeping pace with the ever changing digital world. When it came to managing their stock and orders, they found current systems weren’t working for them. Their big challenge was finding a solution that grew as quickly as they did and catered to business need as they expanded. Their previous ecommerce solutions worked for an amount of time, but they never found the perfect, seamless fit that moulded to each of their processes.

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Khaos Control creates a new product to create a unique solution

Khaos Control and Dorwest implemented Hybrid into their business, which provided:

  • An ecommerce solution to make processing a lot easier. Previous to our solutions, Dorwest were using team members from across the business as emergency fire putter-outers. Teams that were designed for customer service were needed to help with technical issues. When Hybrid was implemented, these issues were eradicated, and seamless control was restored across the business.
  • Ben Boughton-White, Operations Director at Dorwest spoke about their implementation experience: “Getting Khaos Control Hybrid was a smooth sailing process. It was clear from the get-go that the implementation team followed a rigorous implementation process, detailing what was going to happen, each step away. This gave us complete confidence when investing in the system, and ensured the implementation went smoothly”.

Bringing big business benefits

One of the benefits of installing Hybrid was a completely tailored solution, exactly to Dorwest’s specifications. Everything they need is in one place, which is a huge benefit as they continue to expand and grow.

Our dedicated support team are another thing Dorwest found useful, with our products comes a team tailored to helping you whenever you get stuck. Ben commented: “The team over at Khaos Control were great whenever we needed support. I was impressed by the professionalism and helpfulness from the staff, they respected that I was a previously technically minded person and helped to solve issues with a consistent level of respect throughout each communication”.

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