Khaos Control has developed and grown with Pondkeeper since 2019

Establishing a dependable and trustworthy system for long-term operations is crucial for any business. Pondkeeper has wholeheartedly embraced Khaos Control since 2019. After experiencing significant growth and transformations, Pondkeeper continues to prioritise Khaos Control as the cornerstone of its operations. In the dynamic landscape of business, Khaos Control serves as a vital tool, enabling the company to navigate through challenges and unforeseen developments with agility and resilience.

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Khaos Control – Improves Business Operations

A good example of operational improvement for Pondkeeper has been implementing the warehouse functionality in Khaos Control.

“The warehouse picking process was reasonably uncoordinated when we started the project with stock items often being found/picked by the staff from memory. The company increased the amount of SKUs on offer every year and it was getting harder for the picking staff to remember where every single product pick area could be found.

In addition to this, pick areas were often randomly placed within the three warehouses we use for the picking process. Products that were picked often and in large numbers by the staff were often placed further away from the picking staff than discontinued items. This situation increased the amount of staff movement for just about every order picked.

By utilising the Khaos Control warehouse functionality, we now have an efficient and well organised warehouse layout which in turn has significantly increased our productivity and efficiency, speeding up the dispatch process.”

Rapid Expansion for Pondkeeper

It was obvious resource was being wasted, errors were​ common and costly and processes needed to be updated.​

​By using Khaos Control, we were able to take a good long​ look at what and how the operation was set up, identify wastage and together with Khaos Control, we rapidly made significant improvements to the end-to-end process.​

​These improvements now enable us to introduce new product​ lines efficiently, know where everything is, manage the ​inventory and get things out the door faster, which is good​ for us and the client. Future growth and increasing product​ lines is now so much easier.”

Bring efficiency to the warehouse

The picking staff can now easily find every product available. This dramatically increased the speed that the orders were being packed and allowed us to decrease the warehouse labour cost. 

Another helpful feature of the warehouse functionality was that we could run reports on what pick areas needed replenishing with stock. This decreased the likelihood of pick areas becoming empty and the possibility of overstocking the picking warehouses.

In addition to this, the operational staff could now understand what products were picked regularly and where they were picked / stored. They used pick “heat mapping” to create a profile of stock unique to each of the three picking pods. The profile would identify the most popular products for any particular picking pod.  The staff could then place the picking area close to the relevant picking pod.

Placing the regularly picked stock close to where the picking staff were based also increased the speed orders were picked, increasing overall job satisfaction too.”

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Offering a Whole Host of Benefits to Your Business

“We were able to track how successful we were being in increasing efficiency by tracking our labour spend both per order pick and per £100 spent by the customer. 

Over the five years since the warehouse management has been implemented, labour usage has decreased steadily each year. We have not increased labour spend despite cost of living increases in staff wages and greatly increased turnover. 

In addition to this the amount of picking errors has decreased to a constant and sustainable 0.02%.”

A system that can flex and scale

Echoing Pondkeeper’s sentiment, Khaos Control emerges as the ideal solution for product-centric enterprises aiming to expand and amplify their operations. Through automation, Khaos Control streamlines critical business processes and provides comprehensive insights into every facet of your business. We often express that Khaos Control embodies “Clarity through Control,” emphasising that with refined control over business operations, this will allow for better decision making and better results.

Functions of Khaos Control that go towards completing a sales order

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