Amazon has recently introduced a new API called Selling Partner which will replace major aspects of the existing MWS API functionality, which is currently used by Khaos Control to integrate with your Amazon Seller Central account. The deadline for transitioning to this new API has been set by Amazon as 30th September 2021.

As a result of this, all Khaos Control customers who are currently integrated with Amazon through Channels 1.0, will need to transition to Channels 2.0 before the deadline. Channels 1.0 support for Amazon will be deprecated as of 30th September 2021, therefore if the transition has not happened by then, your Amazon integration will cease to operate.

We’ve already started working on the technical changes to our existing Channels 2.0 solution for Amazon to ensure we meet the deadline. We’re aiming to have finalised our changes as much in advance of the date as possible. However, as it stands the changes are in the early stages and there are a number of technical challenges and stipulations from Amazon which need to be worked through; therefore we don’t currently have a estimated delivery date for the new API.

The priority for ensuring compatibility with the new API means that the focus will be on the Orders Download/Upload functionality and the Stock Level Upload functionality.

We are aware that some customers have bespoke development within Channels 1.0 specifically for Amazon, which we’ll be looking to replicate on Channels 2.0. If you know that you rely on bespoke behaviour for your Amazon integration please get in touch with us, so we can ensure we’re considering individual requirements alongside the core changes. In order to ensure full system compliancy, it may not be possible to support all features on Channels 2.0 at the outset.

There are some existing bespoke functions which we’ve provided previously (Vendor Central EDI, Vendor Central CSV Import) which are out of scope and not affected by this transition.

Over the coming weeks/months, we’ll be contacting individual customers to arrange the transition from Channels 1.0 to Channels 2.0

As soon as we have an update on the expected completion of the new API, we’ll let you know.