The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has rippled through our work lives, the community, the country, and the entire world. Fear and anxiety about this disease can be overwhelming and trying to deal with it alone can at times be overwhelming. Public health actions such as social distancing can very easily make people feel isolated and lonely, as well as increasing stress levels and anxiety. However, with the support and care of those around us, be that family, friends, or work colleagues, coping with this together has the potential to build a strong community.

We asked everyone at Khaos Control to share a little (or a lot) about what the pandemic has meant for them. We want to share some of these responses to highlight how everyone’s experience is so different. But more than anything, we want to highlight that this is a time to reflect, overcome, and see that we’re all sharing these struggles together.

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The COVID19 lockdown has been quite difficult in my personal life; because, like most people, it had a dramatic and negative impact on me seeing my family, friends and general social interactions.

In contrast, I think COVID19 also gives us some perspective on what’s important and also what isn’t so important – I think that’s a positive thing and a realisation we may otherwise not have had without such a serious and unifying experience.

I hope that once this is all over, we remember the ultimate impact it had for some of us. I hope we can reinvent what’s ‘normal’, instead of blindly defaulting back to everything we did or took for granted before. Being forced into WFH has had an incredibly positive impact on my mental health and productivity. I hope the ‘new normal’ includes (where practical) the possibility for people to do their work without rush hours and needless commutes, and to be around things that make them feel comfortable and productive.

CW, Projects Team

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I’ve missed seeing my family especially my granddaughters and my mother. I’ve kept in touch with Zoom calls and family quizzes which has helped, and in some ways has made the wider family become closer as we have done a quiz since the start (a positive!). I’ve also been able to develop my quilting skills and meet fellow quilters from all over the world by doing Zoom workshops, and for many of the teachers, this looks like it is going to be a permanent change as they can reach more people. I’ve also been making quilts for members of the NHS. So far I have made five, as I appreciate the many health care professionals who have worked very hard to look after those that are ill. I’ve enjoyed working from home, although I do miss seeing everyone in the office.

P.S. I would have been on the first day of the Festival of Quilts at the NEC today with my daughter if COVID hadn’t meant it was cancelled

LL, Training Team

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Though my heart is heavy thinking about this last year, it’s impossible to not come away from this time with anything but admiration for some of the people we share this planet with. More than ever before I’ve seen what it really means to be human – and at the core of it – it’s all about helping others. Whether that’s supporting the NHS, using your voice on behalf of others, or just checking on the people around you.

As for my own experience, I really haven’t enjoyed being away from the office, but it’s made me realise how important the people I see in work are. I miss the ridiculous conversations, the one-liners from our office manager, as well as the little snacks from the Lunchbox Man who used to drive around the business estate every lunch. It really upset me to hear he had to stop running – these are exactly the kinds of businesses really feeling the force of this horrific pandemic. I hope he, like so many other businesses in Grantham come back fighting.

MG, Marketing

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We at Khaos Control have been busier than ever working through lockdown due to being in a tech company, lockdown has put tech into the forefront.

Its also interesting to hear anecdotes from friends who don’t work in tech where they and their companies have struggled to leverage tech. Tech is so important, so we and what we do are important to facilitate people moving with the times in this new normal. It has made me appreciate how lucky we are, not worrying about continued work, having a modicum of security, while other friends and family in other industries have not been so simple or lucky.

I also appreciate our garden, we have spent so much more time outside where I know others are not able to do so. To the extent that we have a burgeoning veg patch and by the end of September will have our own chickens.

BN, Tech Team

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It’s been a crazy time. Working from home and being inside a lot has made it feel like I’m living in a post apocalyptic world. It’s made me really appreciate my good health, and the wonderful people around me. This pandemic has made me realise just how lucky I am to have a roof over my head, a job and to live in a place with great healthcare and dedicated emergency workers. People working on the frontline have risked their lives to save others, and as much as the pandemic has struck the UK (and the world), it’s created this beautiful unity between people, which I love. We are much stronger when we work together, and that has been evident since the word of Covid-19 first hit. When it comes to working from home, it has been difficult to concentrate, but I’ve been more productive in my home life. I’ve dedicated more time to my hobbies, like crafting and doing crosswords.

ER, Marketing

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Strange when it all started, I was kind of oblivious to what was going on and didn’t really know what to think or what would happen.

I am very lucky to live in a very rural location with my dog and partner so for a long time we have been in our own little bubble cut off from the world. We went through a rough patch at the beginning with the worry of one of us potentially loosing their job and then my partners mum who is a nurse getting the Virus. All turned out well and she fully recovered, and no jobs were lost

Overall, it has been a strange time for all but looking on the positive side it has made me really appreciate life/work balance and I am spending time more wisely and just enjoying the little things.

Also I believe working from home is going to become normality for a lot of companies even when the pandemic is over.

RH, Designer

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Being separated from family, friends and having no face to face time with colleagues has been such a massive challenge. Feeling trapped or boxed during the lockdown with young children was hard on my whole family. I have seen the destruction of Covid and It make me appreciate my health and my families health. Initially I enjoyed working from home 100%, but the novelty soon wore and I now miss the office environment. I do find myself being far more productive from home though which is a big plus (mainly because I cant turn off and end up working 07:30 – 6 most days!)

OB, Sales Team

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2020 has been truly unique in a lot of ways. The covid pandemic, and nations responses to it will define a lot of countries for years to come. It’s global impact has ground everywhere to a halt, it doesn’t discriminate based on economy, or society.

Everyone has had to take time and go into isolation and I think that’s allowed a lot of issues to be raised widely across social media and other channels, gaining crucial traction in the public eye. We had no day to day distraction from what was going on across the world.

Im very fortunate that it has allowed me to spend time with my family. Having not lived at home for 8 years it’s been a unique opportunity to have uninterrupted time with my friends and family. Whether that be over dinner at home or in weekly (sometimes daily) zoom quizzes.

I think it will also shed light on important mental health issues that have been highlighted by the global pandemic and lockdown.

JD, Support Team

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We’re currently living through a moment in history, and what we leave behind will be studied for years to come. COVID-19 won’t rule our lives forever, but only with sacrifice, patience, and respect will we get there.

In the meantime, best wishes from the whole Khaos Control team, take care of yourselves, and the people around you.