How can this integration help your business?

This integration connects your Khaos Control account to your eBay store, enabling data to pass back and forth between the two. Automatic synchronisation between your back-office and your eBay store means sales are updated instantly across all of your channels, removing any need for manual stock updates. Important information about your eBay store, like stock levels and sales, are held your back-office system for comparison and analysis against your other sales channels.

Gain full control of your stock
Fulfil every order effciently
Optimise your delivery processes

Why eBay?

eBay has been helping entrepreneurs test new ideas and turn them into fully grown, profitable brands since 1995. Their selling platform is constantly evolving, and recent figures show a staggering 182 million worldwide user count.

It is the place to be to sell, and with listing tools, product tagging, SEO rankings in search results and ease-of-use for beginners, eBay will continue to be a place for anyone wanting to make it big selling online.

*Please note, the features mentioned may differ slightly between each solution provided by Khaos Control. Contact the team for more information.

Gain full control of your stock

With seamless communication between eBay and Khaos Control you can gain full control of your stock. Get instant stock updates from eBay, and every time a sale is made your figures will be automatically updated to prevent overselling.

Fulfil your orders efficiently

Fulfil every order as soon as it comes in from eBay, with a sales order created in the system automatically when an order comes through, allowing your team to get right to fulfilling the order. No need to faff around with manual order inputs, reducing errors and delays.

Optimise your delivery processes

Optimise your delivery process by managing your orders and delivery for eBay from one central place. When items are sent, tracking information is delivered instantly to eBay, keeping your customers informed of where their parcel is and preventing manual order updates.
Selling Guide

Selling on eBay in 2020, or considering it?

We’ve put together a guide with the most recent information and updates, covering new resources, tips on listing algorithms, as well as what eBay categories are proving to be most successful this year.

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Selling Guide

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