How can this integration help your business?

Connect your online Magento store straight to Khaos Control, enabling data sharing between the two platforms. This allows orders and customer information to be passed from Magento to Khaos Control automatically. This keeps your Magento storefront up-to-date and prevents overselling and disappointing customers.

Gain complete control of your accounts
Effectively manage your stock
Manage your customer relationships

Why Magento?

Magento 1 and 2 is an open-source solution to help you build your online brand. Our integration allows you to set up your online store with Magento's flexible technology, and benefit from advanced stock control from Khaos Control at the same time.

*Please note, the features mentioned may differ slightly between each solution provided by Khaos Control. Contact the team for more information.

Effectively manage stock

Our integration allows you to seamlessly manage the movement of your stock, resulting in a streamline of all your business processes. Each time an order comes into your Magento store, this is instantly syncronised with Khaos Control, preventing overselling and keeping your inventory levels constantly up-to-date.

Manage your customer relationships

Information on delivery, regular updates and two-way communication leads to happier customers. Our integration harnesses all of these core factors, helping you nourish the relationships you have with your customers and see repeat business as a result.

Complete control of your accounts

Our integration with Magento 1 and 2 allows you to easily track all of your finances and accounts. This means immediate and dynamic price change updates, flexible tax levels for different products and all of your sales and transactions in one place, for at-a-glance profit and loss figures.

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