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Our integration with Shiptheory means you can automate an efficient order fulfilment process from one easy to use platform. The web-based app allows you to automate your entire shipping process, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

Automated Shipping Labels

Create shipping rules based on weight, order value, country and more. Once this order hits Khaos Control, shipping labels are created automatically for print.

Barcode Scanning

Khaos Control will scan and print your shopping labels on-the-go when you scan a barcode of a corresponding order. Simply plug in your handheld barcode reader, or use the Shiptheory app to scan and print with from your mobile.

International Delivery

Automatically generate the digital customs documentation required to export shipments around the world.

World-leader Carriers

Access integrations with carriers such as Royal Mail, DHL and FedEX

Why integrate with Shiptheory?

Shiptheory communicates directly with your desktop and thermal label printers. Whether you have 1 printer or 100 printers, Shiptheory will automatically generate shipping labels and send them to the correct printer without you ever needing to click a button.

Shipping is simple with Khaos Control Cloud and Shiptheory, and we’re proud to offer this as an integration for our customers. Try Shiptheory’s free trial today to fast-track your shipping process. Please note, the features mentioned may differ slightly between each solution provided by Khaos Control. Contact the team for more information.

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