How can this integration help your business?

Our integration connects your WooCommerce storefront to Khaos Control. This allows data to be passed between the two platforms automatically, keeping your WooCommerce stock numbers up-to-date without any manual input and preventing overselling as a result. Our integration provides a single login to access your WooCommerce store and all of its functionality, so you can access your store from anywhere in the world.

Comprehensive product management
Dynamic fulfilment
Automatic sales processing

Why WooCommerce?

WordPress powers more than a quarter of the world's 10 million websites - its versatile, user-friendly interface makes it an ideal way to manage online content. Using WooCommerce allows you to harness the solid foundation of WordPress and create an online store that you can rely on. Combine this, with the back-office control of Khaos Control, and you have a winning combination.

*Please note, the features mentioned may differ slightly between each solution provided by Khaos Control. Contact the team for more information.

WooCommerce order processing

As soon as an order is made by a customer in your WooCommerce store, this information is passed directly to Khaos Control and a sales order is created automatically. Not only does this kick start the fulfilment process, it also prevents having to pull down orders to Khaos Control yourself and removes any need for the manual processing of orders.

Manage your WooCommerce inventory

When a purchase is made in your WooCommerce store, this is automatically updated within Khaos Control. This keeps the stock levels of your WooCommerce store up-to-date at all times, so you prevent any overselling and disappointing customers as a result.

Manage your WooCommerce shipping

Fulfil WooCommerce shipments via our one-stop despatch portal. Our integration makes your WooCommerce customers top priority. Utilise our partnership with Metapack to find the cheapest delivery options for your parcels, and increase both your profit and customer satisfaction as a result.

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