We’ve had a great year here at Khaos Control Cloud. Our product developed a great deal in 2018, and our monthly updates saw new features and integrations that we once could only dream of. To celebrate the work of the Khaos Control Cloud Team, we’ve selected some of the best updates that were added to the solution in 2018. These have been hand-picked due to their influential and game-changing nature.

1) Xero integration

March saw an exciting addition to the Khaos Control Cloud integration wheelhouse. We welcomed Xero into our community and integrated with their solution to expand the accounting options for our customers. The integration enabled our customers to send over sales and purchase invoices straight to Xero, manage their inventory and payments, as well as a whole host of other notable features like EPOS transactions.

2) Email automation

We introduced the automation of emails within Khaos Control Cloud, this meant that users were able to send purchase orders, sales orders, sales order acknowledgements and quotes to clients more easily. Email automation also brought along a new Email Manager section. This allows users to view email status by drilling into emails that have been delivered and those that have failed to send. Email automation benefits customers as it eliminates the need for manual .PDF downloads that previously had to be attached to separate emails.

3) System health checks

Our final key update of 2018 is the introduction of the new system health tab. This feature checks a number of areas within the system to see if there are any potential problems, and then provides a breakdown of these problem areas and provides hints on how to solve the issues. Key features in this screen are the overall health rating, total number of known problems, and a detailed description of the problems in your application. The screen provides a quick overview of what’s going on in your system and became a first port-of-call for clients opening the application at the start of a new day. Some of the common problems listed in this screen are issues such as invoices not being moved from one of the processing stages in sales invoice manager for more than 10 days, or having items on order from your suppliers for more than 6 months within Khaos Control Cloud. It was key for our customers to be able to see a visual of what their system looked like, and if there were any problems they needed to address, and so it’s safe to say this feature was a great addition to Khaos Control Cloud.

4) DPD & ParcelHub integration

June brought a lot of great things for Khaos Control Cloud. Along with the addition of postcode lookup, we also welcomed DPD and Parcelhub into our family of integrations. Both of these integrations meant that clients using Khaos Control Cloud could send shipping information to DPD and/or ParcelHub straight through the solution. For DPD, clients will receive shipping labels back for printing, whereas for Parcelhub the shipping details will go through Parcelhub’s configuration and be routed to the clients chosen courier. These integrations opened the doors for a lot of our customers to use whichever courier they prefer and provided a whole new dose of flexibility for customers in their businesses.

5) Postcode lookup

Our next key update was introduced in June this year – it was a postcode lookup feature for the Address tab. It gives you, just like it sounds, the ability to find registered addresses by simply entering the postcode and using the look up. Easily accessible from within the menu and the company address screen, this was a handy edition for anyone looking for a quick alternative to typing in the full address. While this may seem like a minor addition, it saves our users a lot of time, and helps to reduce overall input errors, so deserves a place in this list.

6) Despatch Bay integration

We were excited to see a new integration with Despatch Bay in October. The integration gave our customers the power to create shipping labels during the despatching process without re-keying errors – important information like address, contact and order data was updated within both Khaos Control Cloud and Despatch Bay at the same time to prevent mistakes. This integration (along with our other courier integrations) put us closer to helping our customers work smarter, not harder, by giving them couriers at their fingertips within Khaos Control Cloud.

We’re incredibly thankful for the hard work put in by our team this year to develop new features and partnerships, and are excited to continue growing and developing our application in 2019. If you’re interested in any of the features above, take a look at Khaos Control Cloud here.