April has been a busy month, seeing many changes. There’s a new addition to the Royal family – massive congratulations to Kate and Wills on their third child – and we’ve also had a sneak preview of summer after a never-ending winter. At Khaos Control Cloud, we’ve been busy bringing you new updates based on feedback from our Roadmap Votes.

This month sees the introduction of Email Automation. It’s something many of you have been asking for and a feature we feel is going to take Khaos Control Cloud to the next level – that’s why we’re excited about what it means, not only for the system, but also for our customers.

Other key features in April’s update include:

• Consolidated pick sheets
• Sales Summary reports by Stock Type
• Supplier Price lists
• New 2018 Report formats
• Barcode scanning

Email Automation

A huge part of this month’s update is email automation. Users are now able to send out Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Sales Order Acknowledgements and Quotes to clients from the Sales Invoice Manager and the Purchasing screens respectively.

There is also a new Email Manager section, which lets users view email status by drilling into those that have been delivered and those that have failed to send. This is accessible from Khaos Control Cloud’s main dashboard.

Email automation will benefit system users greatly as it stops manual .PDF downloads that must be attached to separate emails.
This will save users time while allowing better monitoring.

Consolidated Pick Sheets

Previously, customers would have to print off individual pick sheets or batches of individual sheets for multiple orders. Users felt it would be more useful to be able to consolidate orders on one sheet and as such we, here at Khaos Control Cloud, have acted.

With the new update, users can select a batch of orders and print a combined pick sheet, meaning orders are picked from your warehouse efficiently. We are certain that this functionality will prove invaluable to Khaos Control Cloud customers, helping them streamline warehouse operations.

Sales Summary Report by Stock type

Previously Khaos Control Cloud gave the option to search by item from the Sales Summary screen to see which were selling well. With the latest update, users can now search by product type in the Sales Summary screen, allowing users to group stock items and better analyse which type of items are bringing in the profit.

Supplier Price List

From the Promotions screen, users can access Customer Price lists to view prices assigned to different customers. In the latest update, Supplier Price lists have also been added, meaning users can access price lists by supplier and even set up multiple price lists for them.

Users are free to apply quantity breaks to these lists, enabling them to see what discounts are available based on the amount they are ordering from suppliers. Date ranges can also be applied if these price breaks are date-sensitive.

New Report Format 2018

We have updated the look of our reports, giving users a choice between the traditional format or the one for 2018.
Simply click in to System Setup, click through to Document and Email Settings and choose from the two designs. From here, toggling Barcode settings is also possible.

Barcode Scanning

From the Sales Invoice Manager screen, users are able to scan in any invoice with the 2018 theme barcode, this will then green select the invoice grid row in its current stage and allow users to move these stock items through the different stages.

From the Purchasing screen, users of the system are able to utilise the new barcode scanning function to book goods in or mark an item as delivered from a purchase order. This means users can easily see which items have come in for delivery.

Barcode scanning’s introduction should also help to minimise picking errors and allow for greater accountability in the picking process. Users can now scan their pick sheets after all items have been picked. This means if there are any errors or incorrectly picked items it will be easier for managers to see who is responsible for this and take precautions to prevent future mistakes.