We’re finishing 2019 with a fantastic set of new updates for Khaos Control Cloud. The updates released this month truly have the potential to transform the way that our customers are running their businesses, particularly when it comes to communication.

Pick, Pack, Verification operation added to Sales Invoice Manager

With our new Pick, Pack Verification feature, you can now process each item from stage to stage in the pick, pack process. So, as you scan a barcode, the system matches up to what’s sitting in your Sales Invoice Manager. This ensures you’re picking and packing everything correctly, with the system informing you as you go.


Amazon FBA Integration

Amazon FBA is a solution provided by Amazon that helps businesses reach more customers with benefits like Prime delivery and easier selling across Europe. Within Khaos Control Cloud, you can separate your Amazon and Amazon FBA account to keep all orders separate. Under Amazon FBA, your items are imported straight away to keep stock levels up to date.

A screenshot showing the options of the Amazon integration on Khaos Control Cloud


Workflows reporting via Email triggers

Email triggers support what we refer to as “Workflows reporting” within Khaos Control Cloud. A workflow report can be sent to a specific list of email addresses, or to customers or suppliers based on their email addresses. They’re completely flexible, meaning you can be as creative as you like with what triggers you want to set for your business. Some of the scenarios where you might use workflow reports include:

• Example 1: You sell pet food and you would like to email customers 3 months after their purchase to remind them to put an order in for a new order.
• Example 2: You would like an internal email sent to your sales team with stats on how they performed for the past week.
• Example 3: You want to send reminder emails to suppliers when certain items are late.
• Example 4: You want to email internally when priority orders have been sat around for too long.
• Example 5: A certain customer would like daily updates on stock availability of certain key products.

With a variety of different options, you’re able to fully automate the way you communicate in your business both internally and externally.

Other new features this month include:

  • Emails can now be delayed and cancelled when queued – choose how long emails are queued before sending out to staff, customers and suppliers. Be that immediately, or after several hours.
  • System Backups can now be scheduled from within the application and the email address changed
  • Xero can be configured to use different order references
  •  Shopify payment types can now be mapped to different bank accounts